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Project office for HRR cluster development of is to created in Tomsk

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© РИА Томск. Яков АндреевProject office for HRR cluster development of is to created in Tomsk

TOMSK, Apr 1 – RIA Tomsk. The project office, which will deal with the development of a cluster of hard recoverable reserves (HRR), is to be established in the Tomsk region, said on Friday the press-service of "Gazpromneft-East".

It is specified that on March, 30th in administration of the Tomsk region on the initiative of "Gazpromneft-East" held a working meeting on the development of a cluster of hard recoverable reserves (HRR) within the framework of the project "INO Tomsk". The meeting was attended by representatives of "Gazpromneft-East", "Gazpromneft Joint Scientific and Research Center", regional department on subsoil use, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University, "TomskNIPIneft", Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS.

"We have agreed on the establishment of a project office, which is on a regular basis will develop a cluster of hard recoverable reserves. We also develop proposals for the federal government, counting on the support of the state of those companies which are involved in this work”, – the press-service quoted the deputy governor for economy Andrew Antonov.

During the meeting, participants discussed the already gained experience in companies and universities, voiced the main problems faced by mining companies when engaging in the development of deposits of HRR, put forward their proposals for the further development and coordination of this area.

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It clarifies that by the results of the meeting will be prepared a list of issues within the frameworks of the HRR cluster and brought for discussion at the federal working group headed by the deputy minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich.

"Gazpromneft- East " has successful experience in the application of new technologies for the HRR development. Following the results of 2015, 10% of the total volume of extracted oil falls on HRR, this year it is projected to be the share of over 15%. But only joint efforts <...> will allow to move the work in this area to a new level ", – are reported in the message words of the general director of "Gazpromneft-East" Victor Misnik.

Earlier it was reported that in the Tomsk region will be created the testing ground for the development of the technology of the searching and extraction of "difficult" oil (HRR hydrocarbons). The first well on the Archinsky deposit within the framewprks of the project has been drilled in May, 2014 by JSC "Gazpromneft-East". In the future, the work is scheduled to begin in the undistributed fund area – Elejsky site.

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