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10:31 PM  May 18, 2017

TPU team received 2 million rub to promote gadgets for disabled people

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУTPU team received 2 million rub to promote gadgets for disabled people

TOMSK, May 18 – RIA Tomsk. The team of students and scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) received 2 million rubles from "Rybakov Foundation" to develop projects aimed at making life easier for the elderly and sick people. In particular, polytechnics develop sneakers for apoplectic and intercom for handicapped. In more detail – in the RIA Tomsk material.

According to the press service of the university, currently, polytechnicians develop 10 projects for people with special needs - old people, disabled people and others. More than 200 students and employees of TPU participate in the work.

For the team spirit

Polytechnicians presented their developments at the competition of the Preaktum program which aimed at the solution of social problems through support of business activity. The program is implemented by "Rybakov Foundation" – non-profit organization giving support to young talents in the sphere of economics and innovations.

The final of the program took place in May 2017, the polytechnics became winners of the "Preactum" and received the main prize – 1 million rubles. The funds will be used to develop scientific projects aimed at people with special needs.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
As the president of the foundation Elena Ulyanova, who visited Tomsk within the framework of the forum of young scientists U-NOVUS told journalists, the jury members decided on the TPU team victory unanimously.

"Why did TPU receive a million? Four universities reached the finals. Polytechnic University won because it was a team. One of the southern universities presented three smart projects, but when they were told: "You have a second on reflection. To which (exactly) project you will give money?", they could not answer", – she said.

According to Ulyanova, for polytechnicians it was important to present first of all the university, and only then – projects.

"There is a disabled person in the team and they looked after him very touchingly. This also rallied them and brought them such pluses that immediately made it clear that this was a single whole, the team. And, for example, I liked that all projects carried a serious social orientation, and they all echoed with each other", – added the president of the foundation.

In turn, the TPU rector Petr Chubik said that polytechnicians "had prepared ground for success".

"Three years ago, our technical university won a mega-grant of the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at improving the well-being of elderly people. This subject is very important for humanity as a whole. On the basis of our Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies (including the development of projects aimed at people with disabilities - Ed.) the strategic academic unit "People and Technologies" was designed", – the rector said.

Technologies for people

According to the press service of the university, the final of "Preactum" reached three development of Tomsk polytechnicians.

"One of them – is the "smart sneakers" created by four foreign students of Tomsk Polytechnic University from the USA, Germany and Iran. Due to the sensors on the sole, the sneakers allow to measure daily activity of their wearer, track the gait and load on feet. The development  already holds five Russian and foreign patents", – is said in the report.

It is explained that "smart" sneakers are used to rehabilitate people after a stroke: to control the restoration of the motor function of the legs. The development is planned to be tested in September 2017 in one of the Tomsk hospitals.

Tomsk citizens also presented a mobile application that would allow using a ordinary smartphone to translate a sounding speech into a sign language. Thanks to this people with hearing impairment will be able to communicate with others without a sign language interpreter.

The program will be able to display not only whole words, but also work with dactyl (finger) alphabet, thanks to which it is possible to spell complex words, for example, proper names. Currently, developers already created a prototype application, but the "vocabulary" of the program is limited, and it is possible to enter words only from the keyboard.

The mobile application can also be used as a dictionary or means of adapting of complex texts. For example, fiction or scientific literature.

The final of Preaktum was also reached by the "Vezdefon" project.

Incentive in development

As explained in the press service of TPU, "Vezdefon" – is an improved intercom for the low-mobile and elderly people: it sends a signal not to a fixed handset fixed to the door, but to a mobile phone, thereby allowing to open the door from anywhere in the apartment.

"The GSM-intercom system developed in Tomsk Polytechnic University differs from the existing analogs in the fact that it can be used both for one apartment, and for all entrance, as well as automatically notify the police about the door breaking. This development is already tested in Tomsk -– "vezdefons" are set in two entrances of houses", – is said in the statement.

On Thursday, the head of the "Rybakov Foundation" and the TPU rector signed a separate agreement on the allocation of 1 million rubles for the development of the "Vezdefon" project.

"First of all, this is the social project. Secondly, it is about own production. And thirdly, the project leader Dmitry - is a handicapped person and he is working on a product which will make life easier for those who needs it", – noted Ulyanova during the signing ceremony.

As the press service of TPU reported, the authors of the project also received a number of offers on cooperation.

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