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Former Tomsk resident Stolyarova present Krasnodar Krai at the Olympic

© РИА Томск. предоставлено Екатериной СтоляровойFormer Tomsk resident Stolyarova present Krasnodar Krai at the Olympic

TOMSK, Jan 29 – RIA Tomsk. Former resident of Tomsk, freestyle skier Ekaterina Stolyarova is in the list of participants of the Olympic Games which will be held in South Korea, one of trainers Denis Dolgodvorov told RIA Tomsk. The IOC hasn't approved speed skater from Seversk Alexandra Kachurkina, the head of the Tomsk federation of speed skating Andrei Ryzhykh reported.

Again at the Games

Ekaterina Stolyarova was born in 1988 in Moscow in a family of freestyle trainers. She is a master of sports of international class, a member of the Russian freestyle national team. Participated in the Olympic Games of 2010 in Vancouver and in 2014 in Sochi. Graduated the Faculty of Physical Culture of Tomsk State University (TSU).

According to TASS, the final composition of the Russian team at the Winter Olympics-2018 included 169 people, among whom the former Tomsk athlete Ekaterina Stolyarova. Almost all the stars of the Russian sports were left behind without receiving invitations to the Games.

"Ekaterina entered the list and will compete at the Olympic Games for Krasnodar Krai. She is now in the Kemerovo region until February, preparing for the Games as part of the Russian national  team", – said Denis Dolgodvorov, the coach and the cousin of the athlete, specifying that together with him Ekaterina is trained by her mother Marina Stolyarova.

According to him, the Russian national freestyle team included four athletes – a man and three girls. "I do not know what else the IOC can do in terms of the list, but they leave a decision behind themselves to adjust it", – Dolgodvorov said.

As, in turn, the chairman of the freestyle federation of the Tomsk region Artem Valinteyev reported RIA Tomsk, Tomsk freestylers are not represented in the current Olympic Games.

"The matter is that the age-old freestyle sportsmen have already finished performing, and the change may appear only for the next Olympiad. Now the oldest children are 15-16 years old, and we are training them for the sixth year, but The Olympics have not yet reached", – he said.

Not in the list

As the head of the Tomsk federation of speed skating Andrei Ryzhikh told RIA Tomsk, the skater from Seversk Alexandra Kachurkina also claimed to participate in the Olympics, but the IOC did not approve her in the list of participants. Thus, Tomsk skaters will not be represented at the Olympics either.

"The entire team of skaters were reduced to a minimum. One athlete and three sportswomen from all of Russia will be there. Kachurkina was not included in the squad", – said Ryzhikh.

As in turn Tomsk Olympic champion Natalia Baranova reported, it is too early to draw conclusions. She recommended to wait for the end of January.

"Let's wait for the final list. The Olympic Games will start only on February 9, now the IOC is working with our Olympic Committee, and maybe new faces will appear in the lists. Hope dies last, I think there is a chance that our Alexandra Kachurkina will also go to the Olympics", – she said.

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