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4:59 PM  November 30, 2018

TSU entered subject rating of THE Computer Sciences for the first time

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTSU entered subject rating of THE Computer Sciences for the first time

TOMSK, Nov 30 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk State University (TSU) was included into subject ranking of British edition Times Higher Education (THE) in Computer Sciences direction for the first time, having got into group 501-600; besides, the university is included in group 301-400 on the Electrical and Electronic Engineering direction, the press service of the university reported.

Earlier it was reported that in the overall ranking of THE published in September, 2018, TSU is in the group 501-600 among universities of the world and on the fifth position among universities of the Russian Federation. Also TSU entered the subject rankings of THE Education (group 301-400), Sociology (401-500) and Life Sciences (401-500) for the first time in 2018 and confirmed result of 2017 on the Physical Sciences direction (201-250).

"Tomsk State University was included into the subject ranking of the British edition Times Higher Education in the Computer Science direction for the first time. The university took a position in the group 501-600", – it is said in the statement.

According to the Vice Rector of TSU for IT Development Oleg Zmeev who is quoted by the press service, "results of the ranking are connected <…> with updating of the scientific agenda in the field of computer sciences (the work connected with processing of big data, virtual and augmented reality). On the other hand, new formats of education which TSU applies within the project of the Highest IT school (HITs) are important here".

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It is specified that 16 Russian universities were included into subject ranking Computer Sciences in 2018. According to THE website, except TSU, also Tomsk Polytechnic University is presented in the ranking, it entered the group 401-500.

The press service of TSU specifies that the university was also included into the group 301-400 on the Electrical and Electronic Engineering direction this year. There are 28 Russian universities in the THE this subject ranking. According to THE website, Tomsk Polytechnic University was included into the group 201-250 in this ranking.

According to the press service of TSU, the same 13 indicators of efficiency are used by drawing up subject rankings of THE as in the world institutional ranking. They are grouped in five directions: teaching, researches (volume, income and reputation), citing, international interaction, income from production activity.

Earlier it was reported that two Tomsk universities – TSU and TPU – participate in the 5-100 program since 2013 and receive additional financing on increase in the international competitiveness. Following the results of protection of "road maps" for the last two years – 2017 and 2018 – TSU enters into the group of the leading universities of the project, in 2018 the university received 780 million rubles according to the program.

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