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TUSUR: RoboCup accelerated educational robotics development in Russia

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваTUSUR: RoboCup accelerated educational robotics development in Russia

TOMSK, Nov 26 – RIA Tomsk. Participation of Russians in RoboCup competitions promotes domestic developments in the field of educational robotics, is reported on the website of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) with reference to a speech of the university specialist Evgeny Shandarov on the "Cognitive Robotics" forum.

RoboCup - is a non-profit project to promote artificial intelligence, robotics, and other areas of science and technology with the help of robotic competitions. From 2016 to 2018, the Russian stage of the RoboCup Russia Open championship takes place in Tomsk. In April 2018, Tomsk teams won ten medals of 24 played: six bronze, two silver and two gold. The organizers of the event are - TUSUR and the administration of the Tomsk region.

Development philosophy

The III International Conference "Cognitive Robotics" was held on the basis of Tomsk State University. Such organizations as the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, JSC Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (Krasnoyarsk), Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), National Instruments Corporation (USA), All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers and others took part in it.

As noted on the TUSUR website, the philosophy of the international robotic movement RoboCup is close to the university, which in 2016 initiated the carrying out of the Russian national stage of the championship. It combines education, science and industry.

"Through the system of RoboCup events, training of Russian teams and teams of the CIS for international competitions, we create demand, carry out expertise and help to promote domestic products for the educational robotics segment", - the words from the speech of the head of the robotics and artificial intelligence laboratory of TUSUR Evgeny Shandarov on the section "Educational Robotics" are quoted in the message.

Shandarov added that such products include both technical devices and software that are required for participants in robotic competitions, and, for example, new types of disciplines.

New products

"In fact, over the past year, we saw that the emergence of competitions in Russia for RoboCup disciplines, which do not restrict participants on the use of specific commercial platforms, stimulated domestic companies to create new products for the educational robotics market", - Shandarov said.

And he gave an example of the products which appeared in the current year: video camera with a technical vision system developed by the partners of TUSUR - Applied Robotics Company and Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a new controller board from the Tomsk Intec company with a chip from the Moscow-based Milandr company.

“These are competitive products which are already used by schoolchildren and students of Russia and Kazakhstan”, - Shandarov stressed.

In addition, according to him, TUSUR assist in advancing to the international level the "RTC Cup" competitions of robots rescuers, which are held by the partner of the university - Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics. TUSUR has also developed a new system allowing to use low-cost platforms in humanoid robot football players. "This promotes the formation of new regulations in the RoboCup international competitions", - Shandarov concluded.

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