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Tomsk company will open a "virtual studio" to create patterns

© Инновационный портал Томской областиTomsk company will open a virtual studio to create patterns

TOMSK, Nov 27 – RIA Tomsk. The project of the virtual studio Fashioner of the Tomsk "Industrial Design" company received support from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, the program will allow users to create clothing patterns according to their individual standards, the innovative portal of the Tomsk region reports on Monday.

It is clarified that the development of the "Industrial Design" company - a virtual studio Fashioner - received support from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises under the Start-1 program. For now, the user of the service should take measurements from himself and input dimensions into the application, but in the future, the developers plan to supplement the program with a technical vision system which will automatically take measurements through a standard webcam.

"Many people find it difficult to find clothes in stores that fit them well, and the work of a personal tailor is quite expensive. We offer an automatic service which will allow anyone using a computer with a webcam to make patterns: suits, dresses, outerwear. These patterns can be bought, attributed to the atelier and get the clothes fitted on the figure", - the general director of the company Irina Ledneva is quoted.

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It is added that users will also be able to get individual recommendations on choosing the color of clothes, models in accordance with the peculiarities of the figure and on creating a wardrobe.

"This will be a cloud service with separate sets of options for the general user and for model studios. Manufacturers often come to us and ask for software for quick assembly of workwear. For example, when you need to wear fifty firefighters of different bodily constitution, and the materials are specific and expensive, then every centimeter of length or width is critical", - explains Ledneva.

The "Start" program of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises is aimed at creating of new and supporting of existing small innovative enterprises seeking to develop and master the production of a new commodity, product, technology or service. The program is implemented in three stages: competitions "Start-1", "Start-2" and "Start-3".

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