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High-tech companies become the best Tomsk exporters

© предоставлено департаментом труда и занятости населения Томской областиHigh-tech companies become the best Tomsk exporters

TOMSK, Dec 12 – RIA Tomsk. Exporters of the year in the Tomsk region become the companies supplying IT solutions and high-tech equipment abroad, the director of the Regional center for export support Alexander Belyaev reported RIA Tomsk on Wednesday; electrical devices and communications equipment already occupy the third place in the export structure of the region.

"Applications for participation in the contest "The best exporter of the Tomsk region of 2018" were submitted by 20 companies, "Elcomplus", "ENBISYS" and "ElsiT" became the winners, "Tomskcable" Trading house was awarded with a special prize. The results were summed up on the basis of financial statements", – he said.

Belyaev noted that, for example, "Elcomplus" exports its products to 72 countries, "ElsiT" delivers the largest variety of equipment abroad – 83 units (induction heaters), and "ENBISYS" implements more than 90% of its IT solutions outside Russia (in Europe and the United States), its services are used by IT companies, technology start-ups, companies of the Enterprise level.

As the director of ENBISYS Dmitry Bubnov told RIA Tomsk, over the year the company grew by 25%. Exporting a product is becoming increasingly difficult: new customers do not have confidence in Russian companies.

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"There is only one way: to make such high-tech and modern solutions that there are no variants not to buy it. So, for example, we develop state-level ERP systems for Europe. One of them combines patient portals, where a person can make an appointment, extend the prescription and so on. About 3.5 thousand clinics use our system, the number of users - is about 2 million", - he said.

According to Belyaev, in 2018 the share of non-commodity goods in the export of Tomsk enterprises was 78.84%: "Wood and woodworking products take the first place (55.43%), the second place is occupied by fuel (20.22%), and the third place is electric power devices, communications equipment (9.33%), including wiring and cable products and telecommunications equipment. The main markets are - China (0.1 billion dollars), Uzbekistan (0.07 billion dollars) and Kazakhstan (0.04 billion dollars).

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