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The French will teach Tomsk citizens to grow "ice corn"

© сайт департамента по социльно-экономическому развитию села Томской областиThe French will teach Tomsk citizens to grow ice corn

TOMSK, Dec 18 – RIA Tomsk. The French company "Laboulet Semensis" will help Tomsk citizens to create an experimental platform for growing ultraearly corn hybrids; this breed can withstand up to six degrees of frost, the press service of the administration of the Tomsk region reported on Tuesday.

It clarifies that the agreement on cooperation between the Tomsk authorities and the French company was reached during a visit to Tomsk of the "Laboule Semensis" CEO Patrice Jean Marie Laboulet. He presented the benefits of ultraearly corn hybrids for northern feed production.

"Ice Corn – is a northern icy corn with good seed qualities and genetics, we made it superearly: it is not afraid of minus six degrees of frost and harsh climatic conditions. Thus, corn for grain can be sown even in the area where previously it was grown on silo", – the French expert is quoted by in the message.

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According to the press service, a platform for "northern ice corn" will be created in the Tomsk region in an experimental mode – on the basis of one of the local farms they will grow the breed "Laboulet".

"The grades adapted for the north have already produced excellent results in the Amur region. According to the results of the production experiments, was received from 53.6 to 75.5 centners per hectare of maize for grain (cultivar "Laboulet" and "Pioneer"), as well as in the Moscow region, agrarians of which collected up to 300 centners of green mass per hectare per silo", – the general director of the European company said.

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