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Tomsk deputies will help with repair of Soviet monuments in Moldova

© с сайта Законодательной думы Томской областиTomsk deputies will help with repair of Soviet monuments in Moldova

TOMSK, Dec 21 – RIA Tomsk. Moldavian public activists asked deputies of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk Region to restore military memorials of the World War II; for collection of more than 300 thousand rubles to repair a monument in the Gradinitsa commune, Duma speaker Oksana Kozlovskaya get the award of the Moldovan Parliament, is reported on the Duma website on Friday.

According to the website, in 2016, the regional deputies, at the initiative of Kozlovskaya, have already helped to restore the military burial of the times of the World War II in the Moldavian commune of Gradinitsa, having collected more than 300 thousand rubles. It is reported that on Friday, December 21, the head of the Moldovan human rights organization "Veche" presented the speaker of the Tomsk regional Duma with the award of the parliament of the republic.

“The practice we started should be continued. By decision of the Council (Duma) we can appeal to all deputies with a proposal to take part in funds raising for the restoration of another monument in Moldavian land”, - Kozlovskaya is quoted in the message.

It is noted that the chairmen of all Duma committees and the leaders of all factions unanimously supported the speaker’s proposal. At the request of Moldavian social activists, deputies will begin collecting funds for the manufacture of polished granite slabs with an engraving of the names and initials of the fallen Soviet soldiers for the memorial in the Chokylteni commune of the Orhei district of the Republic of Moldova. In general, its repair requires about a million rubles.

It is added that in August 1944, the Yassy-Kishinev Operation took place on the territory of the Moldavian SSR, during which the republic was completely freed from the German and Romanian troops: “Twelve and a half thousand Soviet soldiers and officers died in the battles. There are quite a few Siberian soldiers among them. Three Tomsk citizens in battles for the liberation of Moldova were awarded with the Hero of the Soviet Union" title.

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