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Software developer for industry opened office in the center of Tomsk

© предоставлено компанией "Атомик Софт"Software developer for industry opened office in the center of Tomsk

TOMSK, Dec 24 – RIA Tomsk. The "Automiq Software" company, specializing in industrial automation software, has opened an office of one thousand square meters in the center of Tomsk; new areas will allow to expand the staff of developers from among talented students and graduates of Tomsk universities, the general director of the company Valery Odegov told RIA Tomsk.

The "Automiq Software" company was created in 2015 and now has three offices - in Tomsk, Ufa and Sarov. The company has 70 employees, 56 of whom work in the Tomsk office. The company is one of the leading regional developers of specialized software for the industrial automation of local and distributed systems. The company's own software product is - "Alpha Platform".

IT floor

"The first Tomsk office was smaller and less convenient. The new office of one thousand "squares" occupies an entire floor in the "Greenwich" business center. Up to 100 people are be able to work here, so we plan to expand the company's staff in the near future", - Valery Odegov commented to journalists on the opening of the office.

According to him, Tomsk universities are the "main supplier" of professional staff for the company. At the same time, "Automiq Software" regularly organizes internships for students and university graduates.

“To work in Tomsk for "Automiq Software" - is, of course, to get quite a competent engineering resource. There are many universities in the regional center, and the human resources potential are quite high. At the same time, local authorities have created comfortable conditions for IT companies here. In addition, there are many enterprises in Tomsk which we develop business cooperation with", - the general director emphasized.

© предоставлено компанией "Атомик Софт"
Opening of a new office of "Automiq Software" company

Alpha for leaders

As the press service "Automiq Software" reported RIA Tomsk, one of the developed software products of the company is a powerful Russian automation platform - "Alpha Platform". It is widely used by industrial enterprises and has earned the greatest confidence at the facilities of PJSC "Transneft" and PJSC "Rosneft".

Also, the platform is used on Bolshaya Koltsevaya line in the Moscow metro.

"Within the framework of the opening of the new office, we held a seminar where "Automiq Software" team presented new features of the "Alpha Platform" version for Linux systems, allowing to create completely import independent solutions", - the company’s press service said.

It specified that "Alpha Platform" - is a scalable and high-performance software for automated process control systems (APCS) and production (ACS P) from the level of local automation to national dispatch control systems.

“Automation systems based on the "Alpha Platform" are being introduced in many enterprises. Key users are - oil and gas companies. To date, more than 1.5 thousand facilities have been automated on our platform”, - adds the press service.

According to the company, the main advantages of the Tomsk automated platform - are high performance (up to two million data processing and reading operations per second), openness and cross-platform (support for standard OPC, IEC, Modbus, SQL and other family of protocols). The platform works on both Windows and Linux systems.

"It is independent of sanctions because it is completely Russian development. "Alpha Platform" is registered in the Ministry of Communications. Our development - is the simple implementation of large projects in a single development environment, with support for version control systems and automated deployment", - explains the press service.

© предоставлено компанией "Атомик Софт"
Opening of a new office of "Automiq Software" company

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