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4:19 PM  January 6, 2019

The first universal chip to be implanted to the Vice-Rector of TSU

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийThe first universal chip to be implanted to the Vice-Rector of TSU

TOMSK, Jan 6 – RIA Tomsk.  The "Mikron" company manufacture a special chip by Tomsk State University (TSU) order, it integrates the functions of TSU pass, bank card, and even subway ticket in Moscow; the chip will be implanted to the “experimental” volunteer, the TSU Vice-Rector for Innovation Konstantin Belyakov, who will become the experiment participant, told RIA Tomsk.

Free access

"The largest manufacturer of silicon chips in the country – Zelenograd company "Mikron" – will manufacture 10 chips for TSU’s order, which will be implanted under the skin of several volunteers, including me. The chips will combine the functions of a bank card, electronic key for access to TSU facilities, Troika transport card, widespread in Moscow", – Belyakov told.

He emphasized that this will be the first experiment in Russia to implant unified chips: "There are people in Moscow who have sewn transport card chips into their hands to pay for their travels in public transport just with a touch of their hands. But we wanted to go further and get a universal tool for different goals. I think in February 2019 we will get it and set an experiment on ourselves".

Test of the future

Belyakov specified that the chip will be a cylindrical tube with a diameter of about 4 millimeters and a length of 1.5 centimeters, insulated with glass (so that the metal does not react with the body). It will be implanted into the arm, and officially such operations are still prohibited, therefore Belyakov intends to sign a consent to conduct medical tests on himself (and also pay for them by himself).

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
He is sure that the implanted chip will be convenient for him as a user: it is not necessary any mory to store dozens of cards and keys. According to him, among other Tomsk volunteers are mostly people who are engaged in the "TSU campus map" project.

"We are developing the idea of free passage to audiences, building, TSU spaces using the "friend/foe" identification. Now for these purposes there is a universal key fob which combines the functions of an electronic key to enter TSU objects, bank card, student’s record book, library card, dormitory pass. But it’s still a wearable device which can be forgotten", – Belyakov said.

He explained that, for example, he left his key chain in Moscow during the last business trip

"Maybe now it seems strange and incomprehensible, but after a while biochips for people will become, I am sure, a commonplace. Chips for locks opening with a special syringe so that a person can introduce it intoto himself are already on sale abroad", – the interlocutor of the agency added.

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