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1:44 PM  January 15, 2019

Klein offered German business participate "House for a Ruble" program

© Валерий ДоронинKlein offered German business participate House for a Ruble program
© Валерий Доронин, администрация города ТомскаKlein offered German business participate House for a Ruble program

TOMSK, Jan 15 – RIA Tomsk. The mayor of Tomsk Ivan Klein during a meeting with the Consul General of Germany Peter Blomeyer invited German investors to participate in the urban program of wooden architecture preservation "House for a Ruble"; the Consul General promised to familiarize German businessmen with this proposal, the RIA Tomsk correspondent reports from the scene.

Earlier it was reported that on January 14-15, 2019 in Tomsk took place the official visit of the new Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Novosibirsk Peter-Christoph Otto Blomeyer. This is his first visit to the Tomsk region after he was appointed Consul General in Novosibirsk in December 2018. On the first day of his stay, he became acquainted with the architecture of Tomsk, and also visited the Russian-German House.

"A unique program "House for a Ruble" is being implemented in Tomsk, it's aimed at preserving of 701 historic wooden buildings. We are ready to offer representatives of German business circles to take part in this unique program. This will allow us to develop not only business, but also cultural ties, as well as expand tourist exchange between our countries", – said Klein at the meeting with the Consul General.

In addition, the mayor called on the Consul General to strengthen scientific and cultural contacts between Tomsk and Germany, to promote mutually beneficial contacts in the field of business, and also invited the Consul General to take part in the celebration of the "Day of Tomsk native" in 2019.

"I am for the first time in Tomsk, and I find this city fascinating ... We have great prospects for cooperation ... I will surely inform representatives of business circles with your suggestions", – the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany emphasized.

According to Blomeyer, he only gets acquainted with the business, scientific and cultural potential of the Siberian cities and Tomsk made a favorable impression on him. In particular, he was struck by ice sculptures made by participants of the "Crystal Tomsk" contest.

"I visited Novosobornaya Square, looked at ice sculptures. They are really fantastic! In my opinion, the masters complicated the task for the jury very much – I could not say which of the sculptures is the most beautiful", – he noted.

Earlier it was reported that since 2016 the "House for a Ruble" project is being implemented in Tomsk, under which investors can repair old houses at their own expense for their own needs and receive a rent benefit.

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