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SIBUR to be customer of technologies of Tomsk Cross-Industrial Center

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийSIBUR to be customer of technologies of Tomsk Cross-Industrial Center

TOMSK, Apr 10 – RIA Tomsk. SIBUR along with Gazprom Neft joined the supervisory board of the Cross-industrial Center of the Tomsk region, where local universities, research institutes and enterprises will solve problems for holding in digitalization and new chemical production technologies; corresponding agreement was signed on Wednesday, the RIA Tomsk correspondent reports.

Earlier it was reported that in February 2019, the Tomsk region reached an agreement with Gazprom Neft on the creation of the Cross-industrial Center of joint technological developments. With the help of the scientific and technological community of the region (universities, research centers and enterprises of the real sector), the company hopes to develop new methods for finding and extracting of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves.

The agreement on joining the Cross-Industrial Center of the new participant - SIBUR company – was signed on Wednesday, April 10, by the head of the region Sergei Zhvachkin, and the member of the board – the executive director of the holding, Vasily Nomokonov.

"The main task – is to generate new projects and ideas which we could implement together with universities and enterprises of the Tomsk region. We already have quite intensive interaction, but we would like to put it on a more systematic basis within the framework of this center. We have two main directions - digitalization and chemical science", – Nomokonov told reporters after signing the agreement.

According to the deputy governor of the Tomsk region Andrey Antonov, who oversees the creation of the Cross-industrial Center in the regional administration, the authorities continue to work to attract large companies to work together in creation and testing of a new technologies. So, after Gazprom Neft and SIBUR, Rosatom can join the supervisory board of the Center.

"This is a new work format where large companies do not compete, do not contend, but work with each other. Where they can assemble a project team of technology business representatives, university and academic science. At the Cross-industrial Center we open the doors to the competencies of many Tomsk organizations", - Zhvvakin said during a meeting with representatives of SIBUR and Gazprom Neft.

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