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Experts determined a new date of the TSU Research Library foundation

© РИА Томск. Иван СоколовExperts determined a new date of the TSU Research Library foundation

TOMSK, Apr 16 – RIA Tomsk. The first books for the library of the Imperial Siberian University (now Tomsk State University, TSU) were delivered to Tomsk in 1879, and not in 1880, as it previously thought; in the autumn of 2019, the TSU Research Library (TSU RL) may celebrate its 140th anniversary, the press service of the university reported on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that the decree on the establishment in Tomsk of the Imperial Siberian University - the first higher educational institution beyond the Urals - was signed by Alexander II in May, 1878.

As it is explained in the report, it was previously believed that the first batch of books for the TSU RL - a collection of Count Alexander Stroganov of 35 thousand volumes, was delivered to Tomsk in 1880. Vasily Florinsky, one of the founders of the university, wrote about this fact in his memoirs. However, scientists of the Faculty of Historical and Political Studies of TSU found that the library is one year older.

"Professors Sergey Fominykh and Sergey Nekrylov and assistant Ilya Dunbinsky found at the Vasily Florinsky Foundation, which is stored in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, evidence that our university library is a year older than it was supposed to be", - is said in the report. It is added that the find was made in 2016, but the data needed to be rechecked.

With reference to Fominykh, it is explained that the numbers of receipts, the amount of cargo and even the first recipient of books — the director of the Tomsk Provincial Men's High School Smirnov — were indicated in the register. It "also confirms the report of Vasily Markovich Florinsky on the course of the construction of university buildings, which he compiled for the Ministry of Public Education at the end of 1880", in which the same data are indicated.

"The first book collections for the library ... were delivered to Tomsk in the summer of 1879, on August 21 and 24, in the old style", - specifies the press service.

The first books of TSU "Scientific Library"

According to the press service, libraries of academician and censor Alexander Nikitenko, editor of the Central Statistical Committee Alexander Artemyev, professor of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy Vasily Karpov, former professors of Kharkov University Sergey and Vasily Lapshins, doublets from St. Petersburg Public Library were first delivered to Tomsk.

"In the autumn of the same year (October 1), the library of the poet Vasily Zhukovsky arrived in Tomsk, as well as part of doublets from Public Library, books from libraries of Professor of Medical-Surgical Academy (St. Petersburg) Nikolai Yakubovich and Knyaz Sergey Golitsyn. And only on July 11, 1880 of the year, and not at all in the spring, in Tomsk was received a cargo ... with books from the library of Count Alexander Stroganov", - is added in the message.

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