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TSU scientists test neural network for flood forecasting in high water

© предоставлено пресс-службой ГУ МЧС по Томской областиTSU scientists test neural network for flood forecasting in high water

TOMSK, Apr 16 – RIA Tomsk. Employees of Faculty of Geology and Geography (FGG) and Faculty of Innovative Technologies (FIT) of Tomsk State University (TSU) are testing on the Ob a program, correlating flood data for more than 20 years and operational information about water level and can predict flooding for 2-3 days, the press service of the university reported on Tuesday.

According to the press service, scientists of the Faculty of Geology and Geography (FGG) and the Faculty of Innovative Technologies (FIT) created a neural network to assess the risk of flooding of settlements during the spring flood. A computer program analyzes data accumulated for more than 20 years, identifies trends and correlates them with operational hydrometeorological data. Previously, the threat of flooding experts evaluated on the basis on the water level in the river at gauging stations and the distance to the village.

"The neural network now monitors the situation that is developing around two settlements located on the bank of the Ob river - these are Molchanovo and Nikolskoye villages ... The computer program makes a much more accurate calculation of current water levels at different points of the terrain and gives a short-term forecast (possible flooding) for the next two-three days", - the associate professor of TSU GGF Vadim Hromykh is quoted in the message.

It is added that TSU scientists also modernized the geo-information system (I-GIS) they had previously created, which is currently used by the Emergencies Ministry and regional emergency services. Detailed models of more than 30 villages and villages located on the bank of the Ob river and falling into the flooding zone have been added to the system.

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"Geoportal in real time in the format of 3D-models gives information about the current and critical water level near each settlement, the total population in it, the number of people registered in houses falling into the flooding zone, in a separate line there is a number of children", - is said in the statement.

If an evacuation is required, the Emergencies Ministry will be able to send messages to the cell phones of the residents of a settlement threatened with flooding.

Earlier it was reported that TSU in 2018 provided the Emergencies Ministry with access to I-GIS for monitoring the flood situation. The system was supposed to monitor the flood situation in the settlements located near Tom and Ob. During the peak flood period, it was assumed that gauging stations would transmit information to I-GIS every four hours.

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