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TSU aeroprobe will be used for reservoirs cleaning from oil in the EU

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаTSU aeroprobe will be used for reservoirs cleaning from oil in the EU

TOMSK, May 6 – RIA Tomsk. Aeroprobe technology developed at Biological Institute of Tomsk State University (BI TSU) for cleaning of ground deposits of the petropolluted reservoirs will be applied in the European Union countries (EU), the press service of the university reports on Monday.

Earlier it was reported that BI TSU'S scientists patented the aeroprobe in 2016 – the device that allows to clean a bottom of the reservoirs polluted by oil. The principle of its work consists in air supply under pressure upon a reservoir bottom then ground oil "sticks" to vials of air and rises to the surface. The device passed tests at one of lakes in the Nizhnevartovsk region of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

"The "Aeroprobep technology" developed by BI TSU is ready to entry into the European market. In April 2019 the Biological institute participated in the Deep Tech Atelier conference in Riga (Latvia) where negotiations with the management of the Commercialization Reactor took place. It is planned that the product created on the basis of BI will become a basis of a startup which will develop in the territory of the European Union", – it is said in the statement.

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It is supposed that on the basis of TSU technology the separate startup will be created. It will allow to attract foreign investments into the development of the product and to get access to the world markets. Besides, it will strengthen positioning of TSU as one of the leading centers of development of innovations in the Russian Federation, is emphasized in the message.

"This beginning of our cooperation with the Commercialization Reactor – the platform which is engaged in creation of new technological startups in Latvia … Aeroprobe got approval at a selection stage and will be presented to experts and participants of the next reactor of Commercialization Reactor in the autumn of this year", – the press service quotes the director of BI TSU Danila Vorobyov.

It is noted that earlier interest to the TSU development was expressed by the ambassador of Portugal in Russia Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro and the attache on scientific and educational communications João Carlos Mendonsa. At the meeting with the director of BI they suggested to TSU biologists to unite with scientists of Portugal and to use approach of the Tomsk researchers for creation of the MARINE aero probe for cleaning of seabed oil.

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