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TSU scientists develop the world's first ultrasonic 3D printer

© сайт Томского государственного университетаTSU scientists develop the world's first ultrasonic 3D printer

TOMSK, May 7 – RIA Tomsk. Radiophysicists of Tomsk State University (TSU) develop the world's first ultrasonic 3D printer allowing to “collect” three-dimensional objects from particles levitating in a controlled sound field; at the moment, scientists assembled a device for levitating an ordered group of foam particles, the press service of the university said on Tuesday.

It is specified that the particles from which the 3D printer of TSU will collect three-dimensional objects will be placed in a controlled ultrasound field. Levitation of the future components of the 3D model is provided by sound waves with a frequency of 40 kilohertz. Currently, scientists have developed a technology for levitating material particles and moving them in two planes.

"The first stage of the work became the controlled levitation of particles. At the moment, we can build a plane of particles and move it up and down or left and right. During the deposition process, particles are deposited along specified trajectories into a certain pattern. <...> (Thus) particles layer upon layer will be able to form the required 3D-shape", – the project manager, professor Dmitry Sukhanov is quoted in the message.

At present, scientists could provide levitation and controlled precipitation of foam chips. In the future, they plan to conduct experiments with heavier particles of ABS plastic, which will require an increase in the power of ultrasonic radiation, is noted in the message.

"The device for controlled levitation of particles consists of four gratings which emit acoustic waves. Particles are suspended in a stream of waves, they can be controlled using a program. The gratings of ultrasonic emitters and software were specially created by TSU scientists for this project", – is said in the statement.

Radiophysicists should develop 3D ultrasonic printing technology and assemble a working prototype of the printer by 2020. The work is carried out within the framework of a grant of the Russian Science Foundation, adds the press service.

Ultrasonic 3D printer model

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