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4:52 PM  May 22, 2019

More than 3 ths runners from 14 countries take part in Tomsk marathon

© Таисия ВоронцоваMore than 3 ths runners from 14 countries take part in Tomsk marathon

TOMSK, May 22 – RIA Tomsk. More than 3 thousand runners from 25 regions of Russia and 14 countries of the world, including Switzerland, Austria, Poland, have already registered to participate in the Tomsk marathon; more than 30 leading athletes of Russia will fight for the victory, the press service of the Tomsk mayor's office said on Wednesday.

Earlier it was reported that the first Tomsk marathon was held on June 11, 2018, it was attended by about 1.6 thousand people from six countries of the world. The second marathon will be held on June 9, 2019. In addition to the traditional distances of 5, 21 and 42 kilometers, it will include a new distance of 10 kilometers, as well as a children's race.

The release says that another innovation of the Tomsk marathon in 2019 will be the Nordic Walking competition.

"This year more than 3000 participants from 25 regions of Russia and 14 countries of the world, including Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland and many others, have already registered to participate in the marathon. More than 30 leading athletes of our country will compete for a victory in the Tomsk marathon including champions of Russia over the past 5 years", - is said in the statement.

The marathon route will be blocked for traffic on June 9 from 6.00 to 17.00, the press service notes. Separate sections, for example, streets adjacent to Novosobornaya Square, will overlap for a longer period for the installation and dismantling of equipment.

Due to the blocking of traffic on the route of the marathon in Tomsk the pattern of movement of public transport will be significantly changed. The organizers ask citizens to choose in advance the paths for movement and plan their trips, emphasizes the report.

"This year the Tomsk marathon will be timed to the 415th anniversary of the city. Today, when there are only a few days before this event, it is necessary to understand what has been done and where our efforts should be mobilized. We must do so to minimize inconvenience for Tomsk citizens. To make this day remembered by everyone exclusively as a holiday of sports! " - the press service quotes the mayor Ivan Klein.

Earlier it was also reported that the symbol of the Tomsk marathon - 2019 will be the Kulai elk.

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