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Tele2 opened a business audience at TSU with walls for recordings

© предоставлено пресс-службой Tele2Tele2 opened a business audience at TSU with walls for recordings

TOMSK, May 27 – RIA Tomsk. Branded audience of Tele2 mobile operator opened on the basis of Institute of Economics and Management of Tomsk State University (TSU); here students will be able to write down their ideas directly on the walls, as well as develop business cases sitting in bean bags. More information about the audience by other rules - in the material of RIA Tomsk.

No sooner said than done

Tomsk State University and Tele2 began to develop their cooperation in the autumn of 2018. Within the framework of the concluded agreement, the university and the mobile operator have agreed to identify the needs of the market during the transition to the fifth generation of communications. At the same time, representatives of Тele2 announced plans to create their own audience on the basis of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU.

And now, six months later, on the third floor of TSU building on Herzen Street, 2 appeared a space, equipped according to different rules. Here, according to the director of the Tomsk branch of Tele2 Tatyana Tikhonenko future entrepreneurs will be able to develop business cases and conduct business games using the most modern tools.

"Here it is possible to write ideas directly on the walls, take notes in a notebook, lying in a pear-chair, and structure the results of brainstorming on special tables with business canvas ... The audience can hold up to 40 people. The space can be transformed as you please – everything moves easily", – she notes.

According to Tikhonenko, immersion into such an atmosphere enables students to solve real business cases on the basis of the largest reputable educational platform and start their own business or successfully start a career in a large company after graduating the university.

© предоставлено пресс-службой Tele2
Opening of Tele2 audience at TSU
"This is the first such audience in Russia that we opened. We are planning to broadcast this experience to other cities ... We also have plans to establish a special scholarship program next academic year for outstanding students, who will show the most striking results", – she added. 
© предоставлено пресс-службой Tele2
Opening of Tele2 audience at TSU

Birthplace of startups

As the director of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU Evgenia Nekhoda noted, the unique equipment will allow students to work not only on start-ups creation, but also, possibly, to engage in research activities.

"In almost all faculties we have the discipline "Entrepreneurship" implemented with a different bias ... I think that here our students will first of all train their social skills – the ability to work in a team, ability to listen and hear, ability to initiate and bring innovations to commercial implementation", – she added.

In addition to applied things, according the advisor to the rector's office of TSU Konstantin Belyakov, in this audience students will also be able to learn how to voice their ideas.

"Entrepreneurial environment assumes that a person is not afraid to express his ideas and generate something new. It’s very difficult for a young person to take the first step. This, in particular, will be taught here. Collective thinking is also important. After all, today the voice of one entrepreneur is the voice of no one, it is necessary to be able to assemble a team. The audience also allows students to develop it", – he noted.

In addition to opening of an audience, within the framework of cooperation Tele2 and TSU plan to conduct joint educational, scientific and technical projects, as well as work work on researches in education. 

© предоставлено пресс-службой Tele2
Opening of Tele2 audience at TSU

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