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Tomsk universities carried out 8 billion rubles worth R&D in 2018

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаTomsk universities carried out 8 billion rubles worth R&D in 2018

TOMSK, May 30 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk universities and academic institutions carried out research and development (R&D) work in 2018 for more than 8 billion rubles; the Tomsk region is the first in Siberia in terms of the share of domestic expenditures on R&D, the governor Sergei Zhvachkin reported during the annual report to the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that in 2018 the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions were selected as pilot regions for the implementation of the strategy for scientific and technological development (SSTD) of Russia. The STD strategy of Russia was approved by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 1, 2016. It is directed to formation of a modern control system in the field of science, technologies and innovations, ensuring innovative appeal of the sphere of research and development.

"In 2018, our (Tomsk) universities and academic institutions carried out research and development work for more than 8 billion (rubles). And the share of domestic expenditures on research and development in gross regional product is almost 2.5% According to this indicator we are the first in Siberia and the sixth in the Russian Federation", – Zhvachkin said.

According to the governor, the priority task of the Tomsk region within the framework of the strategy for scientific and technological development – is building of new formats of work with large businesses in the field of research and development.

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"For the staffing of such projects we opened “School of key researchers”. And for informative meaning we created a cross-industrial center for joint technological developments. We conducted U-NOVUS in a new key: now it is a forum of new solutions, which takes place in the format not of discussions, but project sessions, workshops. Participants of a forum solve the real technological problems, and this is our know-how", – the governor emphasized.

Earlier it was also reported that U-NOVUS-2019 was held in Tomsk on May 15 - 17. It was attended by representatives of industrial enterprises, innovative business, universities and academic institutions. Within the framework of the forum took place 14 workshops, the participants of which solved tasks in the field of digital health care, precision farming, industrial Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, neurotechnologies, and the "smart city".

About the "Science" national project

Currently the "Science" national project is being implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key goals - are to ensure the presence of the Russian Federation among the five leading countries of the world engaged in research and development in areas defined by the priorities of the scientific and technological revolution, ensuring the attractiveness of work in the Russian Federation for leading Russian and foreign scientists, increasing domestic spending on research and development.

It includes three projects: "Development of scientific and scientific-industrial cooperation", "Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation" and "Development of human resources in the field of research and development".

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