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Scientists from 6 countries create soft, powerful iodine ecoreagents

© с сайта Томского политехнического университетаScientists from 6 countries create soft, powerful iodine ecoreagents

TOMSK, Jul 4  RIA Tomsk. The international collaboration of scientists from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium and France developed at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) an eco-friendly replacement of toxic reagents with vanadium and nitrogen oxide; they can be used for pharmaceutical industry, the press service of the university reported on Thursday.

It is specified that Tomsk Polytechnic University is the Russian center of research in the field of polyvalent iodine. Polytechnicians and their foreign partners propose to replace the toxic heavy and transition metals of the platinum group in reagents with polyvalent iodine. If in the usual state iodine in organic synthesis can form a bond with only one carbon atom, then in the polyvalent state it can form a bond with several.

"Collaboration of scientists from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium and France developed a line of reagents for organic synthesis based on polyvalent iodine. This is an environmentally friendly replacement for traditional reagents based on toxic compounds such as vanadium and nitrogen oxide. In this line there is both the most powerful of the currently existing iodine reagents, and the softest one",  is said in the statement.

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It is added that they are especially perspective for synthesis of new polymers and also for pharmaceutical industry where for receiving drugs reagents on the basis of heavy metals are used. The collaboration of scientists published a cycle of articles on this subject in the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Great Britain Chemical Communications (IF 6.164; Q1).

"In order to broaden the prospects for further use of polyvalent iodine reagents, we purposefully created a whole line of reagents with different activities  from the mildest one to the most powerful one. Their advantages  the are non-toxic, do not give harmful by-products and allow the reaction under extremely simple conditions",  the project manager Mehman Yusubov is quoted in the message.

The most powerful reagent allows to synthesize fluorinated alcohols. On their basis it's possible to receive perfluorinated polymers. Previously, they could only be synthesized using reagents based on toxic vanadium oxide and nitric oxide. And the softest reagent is suitable for the oxidation of natural compounds  complex organic compounds which are a part of living organisms.

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