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Master's degree in IT at TSU began to catch up legal on popularity

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийMaster's degree in IT at TSU began to catch up legal on popularity

TOMSK, Jul 8 – RIA Tomsk. Legal direction remains the most popular among master's degree programs of Tomsk State University (TSU), but IT specialties came very close, the head of the new recruitment department of TSU Evgeny Pavlov reported RIA Tomsk; this year on 125 master programs it is planned to take 1090 state-funded students and about 300 fee-paying students.

Classics and experiments

"Since April 1, foreigners and fee-paying students could apply for a TSU master’s degree program; from June 20, began the reception of documents from Russian students to state-funded places. As a result of the first weeks of the campaign, the Legal Institute remains the undisputed leader among master’s programs, as well as in previous years. But IT directions are already breathing in the back: everything connected with Computer Science is becoming very popular", – Pavlov said.

According to him, this year the state university is gaining 1090 masters for state-funded places and 250-300 for paid ones. More than 50 areas of training, within these areas 125 programs are offered.

"All programs can be divided into three types. The first – is the classical magistracies of fundamental schools that have been developed for decades and thanks to which the university has the status of a classic. These are, for example, master's programs in philology at the Faculty of Philology, master's programs in philosophy - at the Faculty of Philosophy, and so on", – Pavlov told.

There are also new programs which have cross-disciplinary, intersubject character. For example, "Humanitarian problems of informatics" of Institute of the person of a digital era where competences of sociologists, philosophers and IT specialists, or "Physical methods and information technologies in biomedicine" of Faculty of Physics where physicists need deep knowledge in IT and medicine.

"The third type of programs – are practice-oriented: customers, developers and holders of these programs are our industrial partners. For example, at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering by request of "Gazprom Space Systems" masters in the design, development and operation of telecommunications and geo-information industrial space systems application are being trained", – says Pavlov.

This year there will also be experiments with new programs. For example, the Institute of Law launches a master’s degree program on the topic "Intellectual and digital rights", the Higher School of Journalism begins to train international journalists in the world of media, and the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science will suggest students to become experts on virtual / augmented reality (and there is no analog of such master's degree programs in Russia).

© РИА Томск. Таисия Воронцова
In parallel with the admission of documents there are entrance examinations are going on – somewhere it's am interview, somewhere - a written exam, somewhere a competition of a portfolio.

"I want to study in Tomsk"

As Pavlov said, 90% of those entering TSU - are students from the Siberian Federal District. Also to study in Tomsk are increasingly coming from the Urals and the Far East. Among foreign students from foreign countries, China is the leader with a large margin, and from the neighbor – Kazakhstan.

He added that last year an interesting pattern was observed in the geography of arriving foreigners:

"In 2018, for the first time, we had applicants from those countries that participated in the FIFA World Cup: Peru, Costa Rica, and others, two or three people each. In general, foreigners mostly study master's degree programs for a fee, they often go to natural sciences, physics in different variants, IT-specialties and everything related to languages (philology, foreign languages, linguistics) are also popular".

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