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TSU students will go to Europe for the "Brain Ring Cup" in 2019

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаTSU students will go to Europe for the Brain Ring Cup in 2019

TOMSK, Jul 9 - RIA Tomsk. The team of the Intellectual Games Club of the Tomsk State University (TSU)  in October 2019 will take part in the “Brain Ring” tournament within the framework of the European Cup in Mind Games. About victories and plans of experts from Tomsk - in the material RIA of Tomsk.

Tomsk version of games for connoisseurs

As it is reported on the website of the university on Tuesday, the current year was truly triumphant for the club: this year, an expert from TSU for the first time won first place in the national team from Siberia at the European Cup in the "Brain Ring" discipline, after that the team took the gold in the championship of Russia, and it gave students the right to participate in the European Championship 2020.

In 2019, the club is five years old. Its work is organized as follows: the trainings are held twice a week, in addition to this, the teams train independently.

"Intellectual games - are the same sport. You won’t run a marathon if you don’t train much. The result depends only on you. Therefore, teams which go to tournaments gather independently: they play on the basis of questions, read books and articles, watch movies in order to expand and deepen their knowledge in various fields", - the head of the club Rita Panfilova is quoted on the website.

Students spend the games "What? Where? When?, including for the university as a whole - the Cup of Faculties.

© с сайта Томского госуниверситета
TSU Club of Intellectual Games

"We make this game in the style of an elite club. There is a dress code here. All participants come in strict suits with butterflies, girls - in evening dresses. We create a special atmosphere for the kids - lounge music, gong after each question. We are trying to withstand pathos. And we stand it up, of course", - says Panfilova.

The Tomsk version of the game for connoisseurs differs from the television version with the fact that the TSU club conducts a sports version of "What? Where? When?", that is, the teams do not play against viewers, but compete with each other.

“In the television version one team plays, and in the sports version, the number of teams is unlimited. In our hall, about 40 teams can play while simultaneously answering the same questions. The winner is the team with the most correct answers", - the head of the club explains.

Among other events of connoisseurs from TSU - is the U-Mind Games intellectual games festival, which in 2019 gathered 320 people from nine regions of Russia. U-Mind began five years ago as a city tournament, and today it is a great event in the field of intellectual games beyond the Urals.

"In other cities a tournament of this level is organized with the support of the city administration, and we manage to arrange everything with the forces of the university", - says Panfilova.

© с сайта Томского госуниверситета
TSU Club of Intellectual Games

Intellectual pumping

According to Panfilova, today almost every university has its own club of intellectual games. "This is a large, actively developing community. Intellectual games - are a great alternative to other types of leisure activities. We develop talented young people. It's cool that there are guys who are not obsessed with their field of knowledge. They learn to think broadly", - she believes.

In September 2019 TSU will launch the "School of intellectual pumping" for newcomers of the club.

"Within four weeks the best experts of the city and our club will share their gaming experience, telling the basic principles of various intellectual games, as well as their own life hacks, which they managed to develop in a long time of practice. After that, the guys will be fully armed to play at university and city tournaments ", - Panfilova summarized.

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