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TSU introduce to Chinese market tomograph to find people behind walls

© предоставила пресс-служба Томского госуниверситетаTSU introduce to Chinese market tomograph to find people behind walls

TOMSK, Jul 17 - RIA Tomsk. Radiophysics of Tomsk State University (TSU) signed a cooperation agreement with two Chinese companies - TusCI Technology Co., Ltd and Smart Sea; document suggests promotion of Tomsk scientists development to the Chinese market - devices for detecting living people behind walls or under rubble, the press service of the university said on Wednesday.

It is clarified that the scientists of TSU created the "Radiodozor-M" tomograph, which can determine the location and number of people, analyzing their movement and breathing using ultra-wideband radiation. The device allows to "see" people in real-time behind reinforced concrete, brick walls, in smoke, under the rubble, and so on. The project was supported by a grant of the Russian Science Foundation.

"The Director of the University's small innovative enterprise (SIP) "Radiovidenie" ("Radiovision") Rail Satarov took part in the exhibition of technological achievements "To see the future" (China). He presented the "Radiodozor-M" tomograph, - is said in the statement and it is explained that residents of Tomsk were invited to the exhibition by TusCI Technology Co., Ltd and the company at the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Smart Sea.

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It is specified that radiophysics signed a trilateral cooperation agreement with these companies. “Within the framework of cooperation, it is planned to promote devices and systems of radio vision to the Chinese market, in particular, devices for detecting living people behind obstacles - walls or rubble. The Chinese side expressed interest in purchasing devices”, - is emphasized in the message.

It is added that the tomograph can be used in eliminating the threat of terrorism, freeing hostages and in other critical situations. At present, the world leader of the market of detecting people devices is the Israeli firm Camero.

"The Tomsk "Radiodozor-M" tomograph has parameters that are not inferior, and in some cases surpass its products. The distinctive features of the Tomsk instrument are the ability to probe the territory at a distance of 30 meters and find people by breathing, and also high resolution”, - summarizes the press service.

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Radiophysics of TSU signed the cooperation agreement with two Chinese companies

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