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5:33 PM  August 14, 2019

DSK to build a residential neighborhood on the site of the Tomsk SEZ

© Валерий ДоронинDSK to build a residential neighborhood on the site of the Tomsk SEZ

TOMSK, Aug 14 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk House-Building Company (TDSK) in the near future plans to begin construction of a microdistrict for families of employees of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) "Tomsk"; construction will be carried out on the territory of the SEZ, the deputy governor Evgeny Parshuto told reporters on Wednesday.

On Wednesday the governor of the region Sergei Zhvachkin held a retreat on the implementation of the "Housing and Urban Environment" national project. One of the bypass sites was the Special Economic Zone.

"A new generation housing should appear here – comfortable, in low-rise buildings, so that residents of the SEZ get the opportunity to arrange their life here, not far from work. This will be the "Akademichesky-2" microdistrict (Academic-2). And we will have to provide this territory with public transport as it is built", – Parshuto said, without specifying the amount of investment in the project.

According to Parshuto, about 1.5 million square meters of housing on an area of more than 90 hectares will be built in the new microdistrict. A 32-hectare site is already owned by the developer - TDSK company, and another 60 hectares - are at the disposal of the Tomsk SEZ. According to the head of the SEZ, Konstantin Kaminsky, there are 28 free hectares for the development of production of residents on the southern site of the SEZ.

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"This should be a special building for graduate students, doctoral students, scientists. In addition, here we have to resettle foreign teachers, whom we will invite to Tomsk. This should not be a standard high-rise microdistrict. It’s worth thinking about multi-format housing – somewhere to put town houses, somewhere 5-7-storey buildings", – the governor Sergei Zhvachkin said.

Schools for development

The authorities also plan to build a new school in the "Akademichesky-2" microdistrict, another one is supposed to be built on Demyan Bedny Street. According to Parshuto, the construction of two schools will cost for the budget less than the new schools in the "Sunny Valley" or "Radonezh".

"There is already a prepared project, but the main thing is that both schools have access to all communications. As a result, building a school will be much cheaper than our last projects, since we spent a lot of money on preparing the territory. On Designers Street, it took about 200 million", – Parshuto said.

It was previously reported that in the summer of 2017 began the transfer from the federal to the regional level of powers to manage the SEZ. In this regard, the construction of the expocenter and the engineering center, which began in 2015, was stopped. The management of the SEZ was planning to resume the construction of the expocenter, engineering center and other infrastructure facilities in the third quarter of 2019.

Earlier it was also reported that the volume of investments of the residents of the SEZ "Tomsk" in their production during its existence reached by the end of 2018 the level of budget expenditures for the construction and development of the SEZ - 14 billion rubles. According to the Investment portal of the region, as of June 1, 2019, 56 companies are residents of the "Tomsk" SEZ.

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