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6:11 PM  September 8, 2019

Tomsk scientists and SIBUR develop rapidly degradable plastic

© РИА Томск. Элеонора ЧернаяTomsk scientists and SIBUR develop rapidly degradable plastic

TOMSK, Sep 8 – RIA Tomsk. The Cross-industrial Center for Joint Technological Development, created in the Tomsk region with participation of large industrial holdings, including SIBUR, is developing rapidly degradable plastics; the technology will be of great importance for the environment, the governor Sergei Zhvachkin said on Sunday on the Russia-24 television channel.

It was previously reported that in the spring of 2019, SIBUR became a member of the supervisory board of the Cross-Industrial Center for Joint Technological Developments created in the Tomsk region. The holding expects with the help of scientific and technological community of the region (universities, research centers and enterprises of real sector) to implement projects in the areas of digitalization and chemical production.

On Sunday, September 8, the program "Governor's Line" was aired on the Russia-24 television channel, in which Zhvachkin spoke about the new development of scientists of the region and the petrochemical holding.

"Together with SIBUR, we created the Cross-Industrial Center ... Today, this center, together with our Tomsk science, is developing rapidly degradable plastics. Can you imagine what this means for the world? It's not like bottles that have been lying along roads and rivers and have been decaying for centuries, but plastic, primarily food plastic, which will decompose much faster", - the governor said.

It was also previously reported that the supervisory board of the Cross-Industrial Center of the Tomsk Region includes PJSC Gazprom Neft, which is interested in developing of new methods for the search and production of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves. A potential customer of technologies at the Cross-Industrial Center is Rosatom.

LLC Tomskneftekhim (TNK) – is a SIBUR enterprise and one of the largest Russian producers of polymers (raw materials for the production of plastic and film): polypropylene (capacity – 140 thousand tons per year) and low density polyethylene (capacity – 270 thousand tons per year). Tomskneftekhim also produces monomers, fully providing itself with raw materials for this production. It is one of the largest taxpayers of the region.

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