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Tomsk scientists introduce new approach to Parkinson disease research

© РИА Томск. Олег АсратянTomsk scientists introduce new approach to Parkinson disease research

TOMSK, Sep 9 – RIA Tomsk. Neuroscientists of Tomsk State (TSU) and Siberian State Medical (SSMU) universities plan to introduce a new approach to study brain damage in patients with Parkinson's disease; scientists will assess state of myelin in brain according to MRI data processed with the help of a special mathematical model, the press service of TSU reports on Monday.

It is specified that myelin is the main substance of covers of nerve fibrils on which the correct signaling between brain neurons depends. The unique noninvasive way developed under supervision of professor of the University of Washington and TSU Vasily Yarnykh allows to estimate a damage rate of nervous covers to neurobiologists.

"The essence of the method is a special mathematical processing of MRI data, which allows to build myelin maps and to quantify it. This method opens up new opportunities in obtaining additional diagnostic information about patients with diseases in which demyelination occurs,"– the press service quotes the Laboratory of Neuroscience of TSU Marina Khodanovich.

Neurobiologists of TSU use the new tool for assessment of pathological changes of covers of nerve fibrils at the people having Parkinson's disease for the first time in world clinical practice in 2019. Specialists of SSMU (Tomsk) and Scientific-Research Institute of Physiology and Basic Medicine of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), who will make selection of patients, will participate in a joint research, it is noted in the message.

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MRI-researches will be carried out on the basis of Scientific Research Institute of Oncology of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center and Scientific-Research Institute of Physiology and Basic Medicine of SB RAS. At the following stage neurobiologists will make processing of MRI-images and will receive MPF maps of a myelin of a brain which allow to estimate quantity of a myelin and a condition of covers of nerves at having Parkinson's disease.

"Researchers expect to receive additional information important for clarifying a diagnosis, choosing treatment tactics and understanding the development of pathological processes that lead to the complete loss of human capacity," – it is said in the report.

And for post-stroke rehabilitation

"The method (of the Tomsk neurophysiologists) already takes root on the basis of several Russian clinics and medical centers. The MRI-research of the patients who had a stroke is conducted in cooperation with clinical physicians of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Scientists trace a condition of nervous covers of a brain of patients according to MPF cards. Such monitoring was impossible before," – it is added in the message.

Earlier scientists already tested a new noninvasive method of researches. Scientists analyzed change of a myelin at rats who had a stroke in dynamics (every other day, for the third and tenth day) and obtained data on how there is a death of neurons, growth of inflammation and destruction of a myelin. Results of post-mortal histologic researches validated conclusions of scientists, the press service notes.

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