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Candidates and Doctor of Science first received their degrees at TPU

© РИА Томск. Мария МасляеваCandidates and Doctor of Science first received their degrees at TPU

TOMSK, Sep 27 - RIA Tomsk. The acting rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Petr Chubik on Friday presented the diplomas of Candidates and Doctor of sciences to the first seven scientists who defended their dissertations at the university under the new system of state certification, correspondent of RIA Tomsk reports from the scene.

Earlier it was reported that since September 2017, TPU - the only one of Tomsk universities - has become one of the Russian universities that have received the right to award academic degrees of Candidates and Doctors of sciences independently - without the consent of the highest certification commission, as well as to issue relevant diplomas, which was previously the prerogative of the Ministry of Education.

According to the press service of the university, in total 29 dissertation councils have been created in TPU under the new rules. They already successfully passed the first 13 defenses - one doctoral and 12 candidate dissertations. Among the latter are - five dissertations of foreign graduate students from China, Syria and Vietnam.

The first seven diplomas - to six Candidates and one Doctor of sciences - were awarded on Friday at a meeting of the Academic Council of the university by the acting rector Petr Chubik. "Today at TPU we are the first to present diplomas to Candidates and Doctors of science", - he said.

As the Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations Roman Ostvald told reporters, until the end of 2019 40 more people applied for a degree obtaining.

“What are the differences between the system created in TPU: we tried to de-bureaucratize the process, we reduced the number of members of dissertation councils, because earlier the councils acted in several specialties, now they are created on the principle of “one council - one specialty”. We introduce into the council precisely those employees who are in-depth experts in the scientific field of the dissertation under consideration. This allows us to give a deeper expert assessment", - he said.

According to Ostvald, the new system is flexible and opens up new possibilities for scientists. For example, it allows, if the dissertation is being carried out jointly with foreign universities, to introduce foreign experts into the dissertation council. In the future this will allow to award two degrees: PhD of a foreign university and a candidate of science.

"The (new) system is good because the scientist is not worried at the meeting of the dissertation council, because experts from the same field as he did the research accept his work and do not ask tricky questions off-topic ... Also now, to get degree, it is not necessary to go to Moscow on purpose, it is possible to get it at home”, - commented the Candidate of Technical Sciences in the area of “high voltage engineering” Yulia Shanenkova.

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