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TPU scientists found a new way to get ecofriendly fuel from garbage

© Валерий Доронин, пресс-служба мэрии ТомскаTPU scientists found a new way to get ecofriendly fuel from garbage

TOMSK, Nov 14 – RIA Tomsk, Vyacheslav Matvievsky. Researchers of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have created a multi-component fuel with a high content of municipal solid waste (MSW); use of new fuel will allow more efficient disposal of garbage and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, the press service of the university reported on Thursday.

"Researchers of Tomsk Polytechnic University have created composite fuel with high content of solid household waste, the introduction of which will allow not only to dispose garbage effectively, but also to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of coal-fired power plants," – the message says.

From plastic and other waste

With reference to the Associate Professor of the Research School of High-Energy Physics of TPU Dmitry Glushkov, it is reported that TPU scientists tested additives to water-coal and organic-water-coal fuels of different types of household waste – wood, plastic, cardboard, rubber, food waste creating a new fuel.

"It has been demonstrated that such fuels with the addition of MSW are characterized (compared to traditional coal fuel) by lower concentrations of nitrogen and sulfur oxides emissions by 60% and 35% respectively", – he said.

In addition to municipal solid waste, the new fuel also contains spent oils, coal enrichment and oil refining wastes, and water. It is water vapor that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas concentration, the press service of TPU adds.

Pluses of using

© сайт Томского политехнического университета
The new multi-component fuel, according to the press service, can be used at typical thermal power plants (TPP) instead of coal. The introduction of such fuel will stop the growth of landfills and improve the environmental situation in megacities, which is today relevant not only for Russia, but also for India, China, the United States and a number of European countries.

"According to scientists, during the service life of thermal power plant boilers (20 years)... one station will dispose (on average) 1.9 billion tons of municipal solid waste, 8 billion tons of coal enrichment waste and 13 million tons of used oils. At the same time, the saving of high-grade brands of coal demanded in the chemical industry will reach about 330 million tons annually", – the statement says.

The immediate financial benefit for the energy industry will be a two– or three-fold reduction in fuel acquisition and transportation costs, which average up to 85% of the annual operating costs of TPP today, the press service summarizes.

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