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6:07 PM  December 9, 2019

Show Tomsk's capabilities: International Week’2019 started at TPU

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУShow Tomsk's capabilities: International Week’2019 started at TPU

TOMSK, Dec 9 – RIA Tomsk. International Week’2019 with the participation of universities’ representatives from Europe, Asia and the USA began work at TPU; the main purpose of the event – is to introduce foreign partners to the city and reveal for them the possibilities of the Tomsk university environment, the acting rector of TPU Victor Dyomin said at the opening ceremony.

Earlier it was reported that the International Week will be held for the first time at Tomsk Polytechnic University on December 9-11. This is a seminar for representatives of foreign universities, organized for their acquaintance with higher education institutions of Tomsk and the Russian education system. Among the participants – there are representatives of universities from 11 countries (USA, Vietnam, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and others).

"The International Week at TPU – is by no means a "vanity fair" of the Tomsk scientific and educational complex ... This is a constructive multilateral dialogue that involves solving issues of organizing scientific and educational cooperation at the level of the participating countries, the birth of new forms of cooperation, establishing mutually beneficial contacts and the beginning of new joint projects", – Dyomin said.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
International Week’2019 at TPU

In search of new minds

According to the TPU Vice-Rector for External Affairs Liliya Kiryanova, the format of the International Week - is one of the mechanisms for solving the task set by the "Education" national project - to double the number of foreign students. This task is solved jointly by Tomsk universities.

"The very idea of ​​building an inter-university campus (on the left bank of the Tom river) is aimed at attracting foreign students en masse. Tomsk scientists also work at the world level today, and the projects that they are implementing today are possible only in international collaborations. Therefore, it became necessary to show international offices of partner universities, what Tomsk is", – she said.

Kiryanova added that International Week – is a method of presenting educational programs and scientific projects of all Tomsk universities. The seminar, which began work at TPU, – is only the first cooperation experience of all six Tomsk universities to jointly promote their curricula and scientific developments on the international market, the prototype of cooperation within the framework of the "Big University".

"The event will be annual for Tomsk, and not just for TPU or any other university. Only today, there has been reached an agreement with a number of foreign universities on holding joint summer and winter schools, and by the end of the day we expect to sign an agreement with several partner universities on double degree-programs both at the bachelor's and master's levels", – she said.

An excursion for foreigners to the leading laboratories and design teams of Tomsk universities is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11. According to its results, the organizers are counting on the emergence of new joint projects with foreign universities.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
International Week’2019 at TPU

View from the outside

Andreas Winkler, coordinator of the European CLUSTER association (it includes 12 European universities and four associate partner universities, including TPU), arrived in Tomsk for the International Week to expand the association's contacts with Tomsk universities. According to him, TPU – is one of the active participants in the network, but the interest of Europeans in Tomsk is not exhausted by one university.

"I plan to discuss with Tomsk citizens the issues of further cooperation of Tomsk universities with European colleagues through our network. We are aware of TPU scientific developments and training programs. However, it is interesting to see Tomsk as a technological hub, in which many areas, including IT, are actively developing. I would like to find projects and areas in which we could launch joint projects", – Winkler said.

As the first day of the International Week has already shown, the prospects of cooperation with the Tomsk scientific community are of interest not only to European, but also to Asian colleagues. Xu Jun, the head of the international relations department at Chongqing University (the leading national university in China), came to Tomsk to sign an agreement on joint activities with TPU.

"We have heard about TPU, it has very strong positions in international rankings, and Chongqing University has strong positions on the same subject areas. Therefore, we came to Tomsk to establish partnerships. We start by signing a general agreement on cooperation, which will later lead to joint projects", – Xu Jun said.

According to him, the first joint project of the Chongqing University with TPU will be a summer school, which will be held in 2020. In the future, Chinese colleagues plan to expand cooperation with Tomsk scientists.

According to him, the first joint project of Chuntsin University with TPU will be a summer school, which will take place in 2020. In the future, Chinese colleagues plan to expand cooperation with Tomsky scientists.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
International Week’2019 at TPU
Earlier it was reported that the "Big University" project is being implemented in Tomsk, which involves the unification of all universities and research institutes of Tomsk into a single scientific and educational consortium with the preservation of the legal autonomy of all participants. The main objective of the project – is to obtain a synergistic effect from the addition of scientific, educational and infrastructural opportunities for full competition with world university centers.

About the "Education" national project

Now the "Education" national project is being implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key purposes - are to ensure global competitiveness of Russian education, inclusion of the Russian Federation into the number of 10 leading countries of the world on quality of the general education, education of harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality on the basis of spiritual and moral values of the people of the Russian Federation, historical and national and cultural traditions.

It includes ten projects: "Modern school", "Success of each child", "Support of families with children", "Digital educational environment", "Teacher of the future", "Young professionals", "New opportunities for everyone", "Social activity", "Education export" and "Social elevators for everyone".

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