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3:21 PM  January 4, 2020

Seversk TASED plans to attract at least 10 residents in 2020

© РИА Томск. Евгения ПланкинаSeversk TASED plans to attract at least 10 residents in 2020

TOMSK, Jan 4 – RIA Tomsk. "Atom-TOR-Seversk" management company to register at least 10 new resident companies on the territory of advanced socio-economic development (TASED) in Seversk (Tomsk satellite city) by the end of 2020; now work is underway with 24 potential residents, the acting deputy governor of the Tomsk region for economy Tatyana Chudinova informed RIA Tomsk.

It was previously reported that in 2019, the Russian authorities established the territory of advanced socio-economic development with a specialization in high-tech chemistry, medical industry, nuclear materials, engineering and IT in ZATO Seversk. Each resident, having invested at least 10 million rubles in production, will receive benefits: contributions to the social insurance fund will amount to 7.6% in contrast to the standard 30%, income tax – 5% instead of 20%.

"Based on the number of investment projects in progress (in "Atom-TOR-Seversk" management company), at least 10 new residents of TASED "Seversk" are expected to register by the end of 2020. During the period 2020-2024, during the implementation of investment projects of TASED residents it is planned to create about 400 jobs and attract more than 8 billion rubles of investments", – Chudinova said in response to an official request from RIA Tomsk.

According to the regional department of economy, work is currently underway with 24 potential residents of the TASED, six of them have already submitted business plans and application documents that are sent for consideration by experts. Four more companies are working on preparing applications, and 14 projects for the TASED are in various stages of development.

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Earlier it was also reported that two residents are currently registered in the TASED in Seversk – the research and production company "VAB-70", which specializes in the production of non-standard equipment for nuclear energy and the military-industrial complex, and the "Sibirskiy Titan" ("Siberian Titanium") company producing titanium dioxide (subsidiary structure of Siberian Chemical Combine).

In addition, the application of the third potential resident, "MK-Polymer" company, which specializes in the manufacture of polymer products for coating of high-voltage cables, is under consideration at the "Atom-TOR" management company.

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