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10:16 AM  February 9, 2020

Tourist route will appear at the Tomsk University Lake in 2020

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаTourist route will appear at the Tomsk University Lake in 2020

TOMSK, Feb 9 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk authorities plan to make the University Lake with its springs an attractive tourist attraction; in 2020, budget funds will be used to install signs for the walking route with information in Russian and English, the adviser for tourism of the city department of culture Svetlana Kozub reported RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that in the middle of the twentieth century, more than 1000 springs were identified in Tomsk, but many of them were lost due to construction activities. The most famous springs (for example, God's dew in Ostrovsky Lane, Resurrection Key on Obrub, the Far Key in Tikhiy Lane) are included in tourist routes. In 2020, it was planned to allocate funds from the city budget for the improvement of others.

According to the adviser for tourism, in 2020, the Tomsk authorities will begin development of springs on the shores of the University Lake, which is located next to the fourth building of Tomsk State University (TSU) on the Moscow tract.

"We will do a comprehensive project to organize a landmark place. This year we will establish navigation, and next year, if such a project is supported, we will carry out other types of landscaping. Now we will create exactly a tourist route. Volunteers participate in large numbers, and we are also waiting TSU’s support to put this place in order", – Kozub said.

She noted that the signs pointers will contain information on the history of springs, on the quality and chemical composition of water, as well as on animals and plants in the area. The inscriptions will be made in Russian and English. The plans are to carry out the same work with the springs on Obrub, but it all depends on the continuation of large-scale improvement of the Ushayka embankment.

According to deputy Alexei Balanovsky, who oversees the maintenance and improvement of city springs on the part of the Tomsk City Duma, a total of 1.5 million rubles will be allocated from the municipal budget in 2020 for the development of external and internal tourism, part of this money will be spent on springs.

Earlier it was also reported that the improvement of springs (as well as their search and study) has been carried out for many years by hydrogeologist and environmental activist Alexander Nazarov. The scientist at his own expense finds and improves the sources in the most prominent places of Tomsk. It was with his hands that the springs feeding the University Lake on the Moscow tract were saved.

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