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6:22 PM  February 18, 2020

Rosatom started the modernization of Seversk CHPP

© Валерий Доронин, пресс-служба мэрии ТомскаRosatom started the modernization of Seversk CHPP

TOMSK, Feb 18 – RIA Tomsk. OTEK JSC ("United Heat and Power Company", part of Rosatom) has begun design work to modernize the Seversk CHPP, during which the station will be automated, two modern turbines will be installed and 10 boilers will be replaced, the press service of the administration of the Tomsk region said.

Earlier it was reported that the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin and the director general of OTEK Ksenia Sukhotina signed an agreement on the modernization of the Seversk CHPP and a road map for its implementation. The project will cost Rosatom 5 billion rubles. Modernization will significantly improve the environment in Seversk and its environs, will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of electricity and heat production.

"The design work on modernization has already begun, in parallel, the employees of the Severs branch of OTEC JSC are engaged in ongoing operational activities, repair and maintain the infrastructure of the thermal power station and first-line equipment in order to ensure that the station supplies energy resources without failures", - is said in the statement.

It is noted that the installation of two modern turbines with a capacity of 30 MW - is part of the modernization program. It is also planned to compact the heat circuit, replace 10 boilers of the second stage and automate the station as a whole. By 2025, all new equipment will be concentrated in the second stage, the equipment of the first stage is planned to be decommissioned.

© РИА Томск. Евгения Планкина
“By 2025 it will be a modernized and compacted station, more economical and more reliable. It is time to update the equipment so that the station works using modern technologies and achieves more efficient technical and economic indicators”, - Sukhotina is quoted in the message.

With reference to the governor, it is added that at present Seversk is developing a territory of advanced social and economic development, a modern ultra-safe pilot and demonstration energy complex with a fast neutron reactor is being built. "The communal infrastructure of the country's largest closed city should meet the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness", - Zhvachkin is quoted.

Earlier it was also reported that the Seversk CHPP (located on the territory of the Siberian Chemical Plant) was introduced in stages in 1953-1961. It produces heat and electricity for the needs of the plant and the closed city of Seversk (satellite city of Tomsk). The electric capacity of the CHPP is 699 MW, the thermal - 1.87 thousand Gcal. It works on coal. In 2014, the CHPP SCP was transferred to the management to OTEK, established in Rosatom to manage the non-nuclear energy assets.

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