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9:41 PM  March 16, 2020

Zhvachkin postpone U-NOVUS forum to autumn due to coronavirus threat

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийZhvachkin postpone U-NOVUS forum to autumn due to coronavirus threat

TOMSK, Mar 16 – RIA Tomsk. The governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin has banned the holding of mass events in closed spaces due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus and, in particular, postponed the next forum of young scientists U-NOVUS from May to October 2020, the press service of the regional administration reported on Monday.

According to the press service, the spread of coronavirus was discussed on Monday at a operational meeting in the administration of the Tomsk region. In connection with the threat of infection in the region, the governor has forbidden to hold mass events indoors.

“This week the congress of the Council of Municipalities of the Tomsk region scheduled for Friday and the final concert of the Krasniy oboz (Red cart) project in the drama theater (Krasniy oboz (Red cart) events will be held outdoors) were canceled. In addition, the governor Sergey Zhvachkin postponed the forum of young scientists U-NOVUS from May to October", is said in the report.

It is added that Zhvachkin also appealed to residents of the region with a request to comply with all preventive measures. According to him, the authorities are doing everything to minimize the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection.

"A lot depends on you and me. It is necessary to avoid attending public events, avoid close contact with people with symptoms of colds, and just wash hands more often. At the first symptoms of a seemingly common cold, call a doctor at home", - the head of the region is quoted.

It was also reported that as a preventive measure in schools and kindergartens of the region free attendance is allowed from Tuesday. Some universities of Tomsk, in turn, decided to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science and in the near future transfer students to online education; on Monday, classes in classrooms were canceled by the pedagogical university.

About coronavirus

An outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was recorded in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. The disease is called COVID-19. According to Izvestia, as of on the evening of March 16, more than 171 thousand people were infected in the world, more than 77 thousand were cured, and more than 6.5 thousand died. In Russia, the diagnosis was confirmed in 93 patients, including two in Kemerovo.

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