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Time for human resources: TSU invites HR specialists to courses

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTime for human resources: TSU invites HR specialists to courses

TOMSK, Mar 29 – RIA Tomsk. To change profession or to pump existing skills - this opportunity is provided by Tomsk State University (TSU), one of the leaders in online education development in Russia. Among TSU's advanced training courses - is the "Personnel Management of a Modern Organization". About the HR managers of new generation training - in the review of RIA Tomsk.

The current epidemic situation takes many educational programs online. Universities offer us to study at the expense of the time that we usually spent on the road between the office and the house, on shopping and a thousand other familiar things. Staying home and preferting an online course to watching a television series can be done by almost anyone.

What online program to choose so that the experience gained is useful in a new reality? Some experts believe that even after significant changes associated with a pandemic or a difficult economic situation, highly qualified specialists in the field of HR (human resources) will remain in demand among others.

The word "kadrovik" ("staff manager"), used in the past decade in our country to designate such an employee, is a thing of the past, along with many recruitment rules. The latest trends in this area, the most relevant cases of personnel management - with this baggage graduates of the TSU program will leave online audiences.

For whom

"The "Personnel Management of a Modern Organization" program was developed two years ago for students of various categories", - says Anastasia Dalibozhko, acting director of the dean’s program for managers, MBA of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU. – These can be heads of personnel services,  managers of various levels, students".

As well as housewives, teachers, production workers, college graduates and, in principle, any person with an education upper than the secondary, who would like to try himself in the field of personnel management.

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
“There are no restrictions on previous education, nor on available experience. If this area is completely new for the program’s listener, this is not a problem. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to understand the prospects of HR for yourself - whether you like it or not”, - emphasizes the agency’s interlocutor.

For those who already work in HR, the program will help to learn and master new trends, establish contacts with other, possibly more experienced colleagues, and systematize existing knowledge.

What is the feature of the program

Practice and practice again! This, according to Anastasia, distinguishes the online course of TSU from many other similar programs.

“This is not only classical lectures or theoretical material. The program has a practice-oriented basis. This means that participants analyze a variety of situations and cases from Tomsk, Russian and international companies during trainings and discussions”, - she explains.

For companies that bring their employees to the program (and absolutely any business or organization can do this), such a practice can be of double benefit.

Firstly, employees will be able to use the experience of other market participants to solve future problems. And secondly, it is possible to put into practice - in the so-called "investigation" - the situation established in this team or company. A good opportunity to solve the case with the participation of third-party experts.

By the way, the experts of the program are not only experienced teachers of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU, but also many practitioners from the HR sphere. For example, Elena Shinkevich, regional head of the group of internal structural unitsof the Tomsk branch of PJSC Sberbank.

Admission rules

It's possible to become a member of the advanced training program "Personnel Management of a Modern Organization" in a couple of clicks by sending an application to dpo.iem@mail.tsu.ru. The organizers put everyone in a kind of waiting list and after recruiting a certain number of people announce the start of the course.

Training is conducted on a commercial basis, but in parallel with this, certain subsidies are provided for companies and certain categories of the population. Thus, women who are on maternity leave, as well as citizens over 50, will be able to upgrade their skills using budget funds.

Some companies will be able to receive a subsidy for the training of their employees at TSU. This opportunity has existed for more than a year within the framework of the national project “Labor Productivity and Employment Support”.

What do graduates say

Maxim Dvorak, an employee of Gazprombank JSC: “This is a good format - to learn from practicing HR managers. The course dealt with real cases, there were high-quality presentations, and good recommendations on professional literature were made”.

Tomsk resident Albina Kalinina: "I am very interested in training, I needed to improve my level of education, because I plan to change my work in the near future. Here I have gained good knowledge. It is important that the classes are taught also by the heads of HR departments of different organizations".

Larisa Baksht, leading inspector of the labor market analysis and information policy department of the regional state public institution "Employment Center of the city of Tomsk and the Tomsk district": "I am a member of the Russian Union of Journalists, I work in the press service. I taught at the department of social communications. I thought PR and HR are close, I wanted to know how much. And I went to the HR course. It was interesting and useful".

Terms and laurels

According to Anastasia Dalibozhko, in total, the course volume is 72 academic hours. This is approximately one month during classes twice a week for four hours. Graduates of the TSU advanced training courses receive an appropriate certificate on a state sample form.

It remains to add that in 2019, the TSU program “Personnel Management of a Modern Organization” received the highest rating at the All-Russian contest “Educational Marathon” and was included in the “Bank of the best practices of additional professional education of the Russian Federation”.

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