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The new dormitory of TSU is called "Mayak"

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваThe new dormitory of TSU is called Mayak

TOMSK, May 7 – RIA Tomsk. The new dormitory of Tomsk State University (TSU) on Arkady Ivanov Street in Tomsk was named the "Mayak" ("Lighthouse"); about 3 thousand people took part in two rounds of voting on the choice of name, the university’s press service said on Thursday.

It was previously reported that in March 2020, TSU officially opened a new dormitory for 1000 people on Arkady Ivanov Street. The total area of ​​the dormitory - is more than 21 thousand "squares", it consists of two buildings on 12 and 15 floors. In March, the university announced a competition for the name for the dormitory, in which anyone related to the university could take part. More than 150 variants of the name were sent to the contest.

“The second stage of the vote on the choice of the name for the new dormitory of TSU was completed on May 6. "Mayak" ("Lighthouse"), "Everest" and "Oblaka" ("Clouds") fought for this right. "Mayak" won with a margin of more than 200 votes. About 3000 people took part in the formation of the list of candidate names and two stages of voting", - is said in the university report.

© РИА Томск. Таисия Воронцова
Voting on the choice of the final version of the name took place in two rounds. In the first, a special commission selected the top 5 names out of 150 options sent to the contest. At the same time, three names - "Mayak" ("Lighthouse"), "Everest" and "Oblaka" ("Clouds") - scored a close number of votes of the commission members, as a result, the second round of voting was announced, the message explained.

“When the first stage of voting was announced, questions began to come from journalists, from Tomsk citizens who are not graduates of TSU, but the university is also important for them, for example, as a cultural center. People also wanted to participate in the choice of name, and we were only in favour of this, because the more opinions are, the higher the objectivity is”, - the press service quotes the vice-rector for social services Sergey Kulizhskiy.

As a result, with a margin of 235 votes won the name "Mayak" ("Lighthouse") proposed by the student of Faculty of Geology and Geography Kirill Nikitin and Institute of Economics and Management freshman Elvira Bedovskaya. All participants of the contest, whose names reached the super final, will receive letters of appreciation from the university, emphasizes the report.

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