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TSU for mathematicians: how to become a scarce specialist in big data

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTSU for mathematicians: how to become a scarce specialist in big data

TOMSK, Jul 9 – RIA Tomsk. Big data experts "grow in value" every year, which leads to the opening of big data programs at universities across the country. Beyond the Urals the TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the leaders in training personnel in this area. For more information about its master's degree program see RIA Tomsk overview.

Mix of science and practice

As the director of the Institute Alexander Zamyatin told reporters of the agency, since 2015, Tomsk State University has been implementing the master's program “Big Data Mining”. Its specializations - are "Industry 4.0" (industrial data analytics), "Social Sciences" (social media), "Bioinformatics and Biomedicine" (data analysis in bioinformatics and biomedicine).

“Big data experts are carrying out work related to extracting useful and non-obvious information from complex unstructured data. And this work - with taking into account the ever-growing volume of data in the world - was and remains extremely urgent. We can even talk about the shortage of specialists who can solve such tasks. This explains the high demand for the big data master's degree programs among applicants", - says Zamyatin.

The head of the Institute is sure that the successful implementation of the program at TSU - is the merit of the right combination of strong fundamental training traditional for a classical university and immersion in the applied aspects of big data. TSU master's students can develop practical knowledge in various projects with university partners, including leading IT companies of the region and Russia.

Applicants and graduates

In the new academic year, the program provides 20 state-funded places for Russian students. Citizens of foreign countries can enter a similar master's degree program, which is implemented in English - Big Data and Data Science.

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Over the five years of the program’s work, four issues took place: as a rule, after graduation, young specialists are employed in the company as data science specialists or pursue an academic career, preparing themselves to work in the R&D sectors in the field of data analysis. Both options offer good career prospects and participation in trend projects.

“By the beginning of the school year 2020/21, we redesigned the master's degree program to meet even more relevant global trends. One of the distinguishing features of the master's degree program is its high individualization - it involves the formation of personal educational tracks taking into account the interests and background of applicants”, - Zamyatin said.

He adds that the features also include “active group design work as an excellent item in the portfolio of any graduate”.

Students who have a fairly strong technical level, studied in the mathematical, physical, engineering or computer sciences will be able to successfully master the program.

For admission to the master's degree program, applicants pass an entrance test - an interview. Contacts of the admissions committee and more detailed information are published on the website of the Institute.

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