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6:44 PM  July 7, 2020

TSU invites Tomsk citizens to the state-funded top master's program

© РИА Томск. Яков АндреевTSU invites Tomsk citizens to the state-funded top master's program

TOMSK, Jul 7 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk State University (TSU) is recruiting students for a master's program in biophotonics – a field that is top at the international level. Details were told RIA Tomsk by the head of the department of optics and spectroscopy of the TSU Faculty of Physics Victor Cherepanov.

It was previously reported that the master's degree program was opened in 2017 and became the first in Russia in English in biophotonics. It is implemented as a double degree program with the University of Oulu (Finland).

Experts in the field of biophotonics study the interaction of biological tissue and photons in order to understand the mechanisms of physiological and pathological processes that occur in a living organism at the cellular and molecular level. They will be able to apply this knowledge in the development of new optical technologies for diagnosing diseases at an early stage.

Double degree diploma

According to Cherepanov, the demand for specialists in the field of biophotonics is growing on the international labor market annually. Especially strong growth in this top direction shows China.

Students from other countries can study biophotonics at TSU, but for them in the new academic year only two places are provided on a commercial basis. Eight more places – are state-funded places for Russian students.

"We are waiting for students with good physical and mathematical training and mindset for independent research work. Our program is interdisciplinary. We study biological environments using optical methods, which can then be used in biology or medical research in order to create instruments and methods for real life", – Cherepanov tells.

The head of the department adds that students are introduced into the basics of biophotonics by professors of State University, as well as by representatives of other Russian and foreign universities: Saratov State University, universities of Oulu, Tromsø (Norway) and others.

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"The program – is a joint project of two universities (TSU and University of Oulu), but the circle of participants is currently expanding. Master's students have the opportunity to engage in science in Norway (Tromsø), Sweden (Stockholm), USA (Housten), France (Reims). And it is the mutual interweaving of interests of universities and training courses that has become the reason why the program is implemented in English", – he told.

Cherepanov said that during the pandemic, student trips were suspended, and seminars with foreign experts moved to a remote format. However, as soon as the restrictions related to the closure of the borders of countries due to COVID-19 are removed, the internships will resume.

"Because laboratory workshops, which are an important part of our training, cannot be conducted in a remote format. These are equipment, research, real work that require personal presence", – the head of the department explained.

After university

As it's reported on the website of the university, after after graduating from the master's degree program, graduates will be able to conduct research, scientific and innovative, organizational and managerial work in areas related to the latest achievements of biophotonics.

Such specialists are in demand in scientific institutions of biological, physical, chemical and medical profiles, where research is carried out on fundamental and applied interdisciplinary areas of physics, biology and medicine, in institutions of practical health care, pharmaceutical companies, as well as in the manufacturing field.

In medicine and pharmacology, graduates of this program will have to solve both various diagnostic tasks (changes in the concentration of oxygen, glucose, various chromophores in the blood, and others), as well as therapeutic ones related to the treatment of diseases. After graduation, it is possible to continue postgraduate studies.

More information about the development of the "Biophotonics" direction at TSU can be found on the website of the Laboratory for Biophotonics.

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