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Reliable online: TSU invites for a master's program in safe "digital"

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийReliable online: TSU invites for a master's program in safe digital

TOMSK, Jul 10 – RIA Tomsk. Zoom meetings, planning deals in special applications, signing contracts with digital signatures – a pandemic has forced the world to translate many working moments into digital. Against this background, the issue of information security and digital hygiene is the cornerstone.

About a master's degree program of Tomsk State University (TSU), where specialists in this field are trained, – is in the review of RIA Tomsk.

Safety of a wide profile

Since 2015, TSU has been implementing the "Information Security" program for students of bachelor's and specialist programs. On this powerful base of fundamental training, internships with IT partners of the university and highly qualified teachers, a similar master's program was created in 2019.

At present, Tomsk State University is recruiting for the "Information Security" master's degree program, where graduates of not only specialized bachelor's degrees, but also other faculties are enrolled – for them this is an opportunity to get a diploma from one of the leading universities in Russia and start a career in this field.

"If at the bachelor's and specialist's level we conduct deep training with fundamental knowledge, then at the master's level the approach is different. The program is designed to immerse a wide range of interested people in information security without loading them with narrow questions”, – the head of the department of computer security of the TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Sergey Ostanin told RIA Tomsk.

During two years master's studies, students receive a systematic idea of ​​this area, allowing them to professionally organize information security and digital hygiene in almost any field.

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Upon graduation from the master's degree program, graduates will possess modern methods and technologies for designing, testing, verifying, ensuring the reliability and information security of computing systems, computer networks and a wide range of mission-critical applications.

"Information security – is a unique thing. And TSU here recognizes the importance of not only traditionally accepted highly specialized training, but precisely the approach to the widespread elimination of illiteracy in a safe "digit" for for comers and goers. And our master's program is just of that very category", – says Ostanin.

In the new academic year, TSU provides 20 state-funded places the master's program "Information Security". One can find out the details of admission on the website of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

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