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Plus 4000: how many state-funded places will Tomsk get in 2021/2022

© РИА Томск. Олег АсратянPlus 4000: how many state-funded places will Tomsk get in 2021/2022

TOMSK, Aug 5 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk universities in the 2021/2022 academic year will receive almost 4 thousand additional state-funded places. How many new places each of the universities has, how it is planned to distribute them and who has increased chances of getting on the "budgetary basis" - is in the material of RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on July 31 completed the allocation of state-funded places for the 2021/2022 academic year. In the country as a whole, their number will increase by 9%, and specifically in Tomsk universities in the next academic year, state-funded places will increase by 24.3%.

Thousand for TSU

As the representative of the press service of Tomsk State University (TSU) told RIA Tomsk, the university in the 2021/2022 academic year will additionally receive 1000 state-funded places. Thus, the bachelor's degree program will receive additional places in such areas as "Physics", "Information Systems and Technologies", "Software Engineering" and "Innovation Studies".

"This will allow us to expand the training of specialists capable of creating new technologies and products necessary to bring Russia to a new technological level", - the comment of Rector Eduard Galazhinsky is given on the TSU website.

According to TSU, not only Russian citizens, but also foreign applicants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus and other countries will be able to apply for new places.

TPU: more designers, ecologists and biotechnologists

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) will add 786 state-funded places next year.

"TPU will receive state-funded places in 28 areas of bachelor's degree programs, 32 areas of training for masters and five areas of specialist program. Additionally, the university will be able to admit 616 students to state-funded places in intramural form of study, 160 - in extramural form of study and 10 - in intra-extramural form of study", - a representative of the press-service of the university told RIA Tomsk.

The greatest "growth" is expected in the areas now popular among applicants: "Design", "Ecology and Environmental Management", "Biotechnology", "Innovation Studies" and "Technosphere Safety", she added.

Not only interns, but also residents

Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) received the next year 996 additional state-funded places for specialist and bachelor's degree programs, 356 places for residency programs, 28 for postgraduate studies.

"These are record numbers for Siberian State Medical University in its entire history. In addition, additional places have been allocated for 2020, which means that already in this admission campaign to the Faculty of Medicine and Biology we will be able to enroll 16 more freshmen, and 15 more places in residency have been added this year", - the executive secretary of the selection committee of the Siberian State Medical University Svetlana Gusakova told RIA Tomsk.

TUSUR has the most

In 2021/2022, Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) will have 1709 more state-funded places.

"In TUSUR, all areas of training and specialties presuppose the acquisition of competencies necessary for the implementation of tasks related to digitalization, creation and implementation of high-tech breakthrough developments. Additional state-funded places will be allocated to such areas", - the university press service quotes Rector of TUSUR Victor Rulevsky.

In his opinion, additional places will give the university the opportunity to further involve students in technological entrepreneurship, so that they create more "hi-tech companies" in the region and country.

In addition, the university for the first time will have a "budget" for the specialty "Economic Security".

There will also be more builders

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
According to the orders of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in Tomsk University of Architecture and Building (TSUAB) the number of places on a budgetary basis in 2021/2022 will increase by more than 180.

"The increase in state-funded places in TSUAB is no coincidence: the university pays great attention to training relevant specialists for the Russian economy. Separately, it is worth noting the increase in places in the direction of the bachelor's degree "Oil and Gas Business", - the press service quoted Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Oleg Volokitin.

Plus 20% of teachers

In Tomsk State Pedagogical University (TSPU) in the next academic year, the number of state-funded places will grow by 22% compared to 2020 - thus, the university will be able to additionally accept 213 students and postgraduate students for state-funded places.

"For bachelor's degree programs - 142 (places), specialist programs - 15, master's degree programs - 49 and postgraduate programs - 12", - a representative of the press service explained to RIA Tomsk.

On which specialties there will be more state-funded places TSPU will decide later - depending on the requests from the region and the city.

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