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10:40 PM  September 16, 2020

Foreign students in Tomsk universities increased by a third in 2020

© пресс-служба ТПУForeign students in Tomsk universities increased by a third in 2020

TOMSK, Sep 16 – RIA Tomsk, Olga Trepova. The number of students from near and far abroad at the end of the admission campaign in 2020 increased in Tomsk universities by more than a thousand, amounted to 3.3 thousand people, TSU became the leader in the number of foreign students, the head of the regional department of science and higher education Peter Kaminsky told.

More international students

Kaminsky on Wednesday took part in a press conference dedicated to the results of the admission campaign to universities of Novosibirsk and Tomsk, organized by TASS. According to him, in 2020, Tomsk universities accepted 11.7 thousand people for intramural education.

“Usually, from 1.5 thousand to 2 thousand foreign students enter Tomsk universities. This year the enrollment has grown by more than a thousand, which gives confidence that Tomsk will continue to be one of the leading centers for the export of education in Russia, and the number of students from abroad will increase, as provided by the development strategy of the Tomsk region", - Kaminsky said.

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He noted that the enrollment of foreign students this year has increased for all forms of education. In total, the universities of Tomsk accepted 3.3 thousand citizens of foreign countries, 2.4 thousand of them - from neighboring countries, 863 people - from far abroad.

The leader in recruiting foreign students is TSU, where 1.1 thousand residents of the near and far abroad have entered. In total, citizens of 93 countries of the world study in Tomsk following the results of the admissions campaign.

“The increase in the number of applications filed is due to the ease of filing applications. One can apply to any university while sitting at the computer. At the same time, there is a peculiarity - the Tomsk region is located in the sparsely populated Siberian region, we did not have outbreaks of COVID-19, everything was stable. All this played a role (in the perception of the Tomsk region) as an epidemically favorable region", - the head of the department said.

Closed borders

He clarified that currently 2.6 thousand foreigners live in the dormitories of Tomsk universities. Not all students who entered Tomsk were able to come to Tomsk yet - because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the borders with the republics of Central Asia are closed.

“We have many students from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. They cannot now enter the Russian Federation, we are constantly in contact with the consulates and await a government decree in the near future, which will provide students with an opportunity to travel across the Russian border to study in Russia. This decision does not exist yet", - Kaminsky added.

He explained that students, being in their homeland, are trained in a distance format. After arriving in Tomsk, according to the requirements of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor), they will have to stay at the observatory for 14 days, and only after that they will be able to start classes in full-time mode. Tomsk universities in their dormitories have prepared isolated rooms for observation of foreign students, designed to accommodate 1.5 thousand people.

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