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10:53 PM  September 16, 2020

Tokyo Instruments is ready to present TPU to Japanese universities

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУTokyo Instruments is ready to present TPU to Japanese universities

TOMSK, Sep 15 – RIA Tomsk. Representatives of Tokyo Instruments, Inc, a leading supplier of scientific equipment for Japanese universities, made a study visit to Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU); Japanese businessmen announced their readiness to supply TPU with the most modern scientific equipment, and to represent Tomsk developers on the Japanese market, RIA Tomsk said.

As follows from the materials presented by the delegation, Tokyo Instruments, Inc (TII) is the main supplier of high-tech scientific equipment for Japanese universities. The company has branches in three countries (Japan, Germany and Russia), in the Russian Federation it is the SPECSTII company. The main employees of the company are active scientists leading scientific projects.

"TPU is always open and glad to guests. Today we have planned a number of meaningful meetings of representatives of Polytechnic University with our Japanese colleagues. We will present them the existing developments in various fields, and tomorrow, after summing up, we will be able to substantively talk about further steps in cooperation", - TPU Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev said. 

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
TPU Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev (center) with guests from Japan

Interest is mutual

According to the Acting Rector, the representatives of the Japanese delegation will be introduced to the latest developments in the field of nuclear physics and high voltage physics, engineering technologies, as well as developments in the field of spectrometry and other promising areas. It is planned to hold a presentation of a number of scientific instruments developed at TPU.

As Vice-Rector for Research Mekhman Yusubov noted at a meeting with members of the delegation, TPU, as one of the main engineering universities of the Russian Federation, received significant funds in 2020 for the purchase of scientific equipment. The university is interested in TII and SPECSTII taking part in tenders for its supplies to Tomsk.

"Representatives of TII are for the first time in Tomsk, at TPU, and we are very pleased with this opportunity. We are interested in scientific developments, the latest technologies and devices developed at the university, which will be kindly shown to us. Our company is ready to represent technologies (of Tomsk Polytechnic University) on the Japanese market", - TII Vice President Kawabe Tsunetaka said.

According to the vice president, TII is primarily interested in the developments of Tomsk polytechnics in the fields of materials science, nuclear medicine, and quantum technologies. However, the company does not exclude the possibility of cooperation in other areas, as it represents the interests of various universities in Japan.

It is planned to sum up the results of the meeting on Wednesday. It is assumed that the visit of the Japanese delegation will lead to the conclusion of agreements on a number of promising scientific and technical areas. 

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
Tokyo Instruments, Inc Vice President Kawabe Tsunetaka

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