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Chief of landscape: TSU master's degree program for urban environment

© Ксения БаклановаChief of landscape: TSU master's degree program for urban environment

TOMSK, Sep 20 – RIA TomskTomsk State University (TSU) helps Tomsk residents who are keen on landscape projects and design of the external environment to bring their hobby to a professional level. How to become a specialist in the field of open spaces and green areas organizing - is in the review of RIA Tomsk.

The Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction has been working at the Biological Institute (BI) of TSU for almost 30 years. Today, it is recruiting for several educational tracks, including the master's degree program "Landscape planning and sustainability of the urban environment".

For whom

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"Anyone with a higher education diploma and interested in gardening and landscape construction can enter the program", - says its head Aleksey Prokopyev, associate professor of the Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction at BI TSU, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Admission to the master's degree program is carried out on a competitive basis. Entrance tests include a written exam and interview.

As Prokopiev notes, in two years of master's degree, students become professionals of high-level landscape architecture. They are able to work in all areas of the chosen profile - to conduct organizational and managerial, production and technological, design, research and teaching activities.

How does the training take place

During lectures students study the structure and function of natural and artificial landscapes, methods of biodiversity conservation. In laboratories, they conduct various studies and learn how to use the obtained data for landscapes planning and organizing.

Students undergo practical training in specialized organizations of garden and park and landscape construction, not only in the Tomsk region, but also in other regions.

"A distinctive feature of the master's degree program is the participation of leading specialists from specialized organizations in the practical training process: department of architecture and construction of the Tomsk region, department of road activities and improvement of the Tomsk administration, Siberian Botanical Garden of TSU, Novosibirsk Gorzelenkhoz and others", - says Prokopyev.

Under the guidance of experts, day after day, students master the planning organization of open spaces, design of the external environment, design, construction and maintenance, reconstruction of objects of landscape architecture and garden and park art, monitoring their condition and cadastral registration of plantations, management of green areas in natural and urbanized landscapes.

Employment prospects

Graduates work in academic and educational institutions of the Russian and international level, government agencies, organizations involved in landscape construction, design and gardening. These are construction companies and botanical gardens. Companies specializing in landscaping and landscaping are also on the list of potential employers.

According to Prokopyev, graduates are in demand in the specialized labor market, including because the master's program "Landscape planning and sustainability of the urban environment" corresponds to Russian and world trends in the field of landscape architecture.

"In addition, it has been developed taking into account innovative approaches to educational activities", - sums up the agency's interlocutor.

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