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Chief of nature: how forest experts are trained at TSU

© предоставил Игорь АлександровChief of nature: how forest experts are trained at TSU

TOMSK, Sep 21 – RIA Tomsk. The forest - is a huge "multi-divisional company" and to make it work effectively its employees need a variety of skills - from forest ecology and professional English to mathematical modeling of forest ecosystems. Approximately this approach is the basis of the master's program of Tomsk State University (TSU) "Rational use of forest resources".

Who is a master of forestry, why do forest workers need English, what is the optimal approach in training of forestry specialists and where can one work after graduating from a Siberian university in the direction of training "Forestry" - RIA Tomsk was told to by the head of the program Alexey Myasnikov.

Responsible for the forest

Master's degree program "Rational use of forest resources" is implemented at the Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction of the Biological Institute (BI) TSU. It trains specialists who can work in various areas of the forestry industry. The core of education - is forestry, and other disciplines are threaded onto it.

"Forestry - is an interdisciplinary industry that covers agriculture, biology, geography, ecology and economics. The graduate will be able to get a job in forestry and natural resources institutions, organizations for the protection and conservation of forests, their use and reproduction. He will be in demand where they work with the forestry sector of the economy and environmental protection", - says Myasnikov.

He emphasizes that a master's degree, when compared with a bachelor's degree, opens up additional career opportunities for students in the future - the competencies obtained here prepare them for work both in the forest and as a senior officer.

“Our graduates - masters of forestry - have broad knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of sustainable forest management”, - explains the agency's interlocutor.

© предоставил Игорь Александров
Students of the TSU Biological Institute

At the junction of sciences and directions

What do students in the master's program study? This is a large list of special disciplines, including forest ecology, assessment of the impact of forest felling on the reforestation process and species change, genetic improvement of tree shrubs, forest pathological monitoring and forest protection, recreational forest management, and others.

There is also a university-wide module that forms universal competencies. These are leadership and team management, professional communication in English and intercultural interaction.

"At present, English is needed by all specialists who want to be competitive in the labor market, and the forestry sector is no exception, since the study of international experience allows to keep abreast of the latest scientific discoveries and improve the production process, respectively", - the program manager said.

Among the relatively new disciplines that have entered the master's program over the past few years there are industrial management and innovation in forestry, introduction experiment, as well as physical and mathematical modeling of forest fires.

© предоставил Игорь Александров
Student of the TSU Biological Institute
According to the rules of the master's degree program, anyone with a higher education and an interest in forestry can enter the program. The only condition - is to pass the entrance tests.

This is a written exam in the field of training "Forestry" and an interview on the profile of the master's program "Rational use of forest resources". Admission to the master's program is carried out on a competitive basis. More information about the conditions of admission - is on the website of the department.

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