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TSU teach delivery UAVs to pass the route to the recipient without GPS

© сайт Томского государственного университетаTSU teach delivery UAVs to pass the route to the recipient without GPS

TOMSK, Sep 21 – RIA Tomsk, Vyacheslav Matvievsky. Employees of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of Tomsk State University (FIT TSU) together with Geoscan company are developing a hardware and software complex that fully automates the movement of delivery drones from point "A" to point "B" without GPS and human participation, the university's press service said.

According to the press service, today there is a technical limitation in the functionality of delivery drones that affects the delivery of an order from the sorting center to the consumer's doorstep - the presence of an unstable GPS signal or its temporary absence. Because of this, a person still passes the "last mile" to the customer. Employees of the FIT TSU and Geoscan company intend to solve this problem.

"Employees of the FIT TSU create complex algorithmic solutions and orientation systems that will allow the drone to independently plot a route using a map of the settlement. Technical vision systems, which are also being developed at FIT, will help the drone to bypass tall houses, wires and other obstacles", - is said in the message.

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In addition, the accuracy of the drone's landing is being worked out. Most developers have an acceptable error of about five meters. To reduce it, one can use the expensive DRTK GNSS system, which, using an additional ground station, sends corrections to the GPS coordinates to the drone.

With reference to the dean of the FIT TSU Stanislav Shidlovsky it is also noted that work on the modernization of delivery drones is being carried out on the basis of a new drone provided to the university by Geoscan company within the framework of cooperation. In particular, this drone can operate at low temperatures (up to minus 40 degrees) and maintain its carrying capacity and flight trajectory even in windy weather (up to 15 meters per second).

Earlier it was reported that within the framework of the "Taiga" federal project being implemented in the region, which involves the creation of an experimental area for the delivery of goods and performing other tasks using drones, the FIT TSU employees tested a delivery drone to deliver drugs and samples for analysis from remote settlements of the region. This delivery method reduces the number of contacts between people and shortens the route.

TSU teach delivery UAVs to pass the route to the recipient without GPS. 

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Delivery drone of FIT TSU
© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
Delivery drone of FIT TSU

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