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2:05 PM  October 7, 2020

TPU professor explains why it is so important to study black holes

© предоставил Сергей КетовTPU professor explains why it is so important to study black holes

TOMSK, Oct 7 – RIA Tomsk. Modern space exploration is still fundamental in nature, but very soon it can change the daily life of people, since it is this area that is becoming a trend in world science, professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Sergey Ketov commented on the announcement of scientists who have experimentally confirmed the presence of black holes as Nobel Prize winners in Physics.

According to open sources, a black hole - is a region of space-time, the gravitational attraction of which is so great that even objects moving at the speed of light, including quanta of light itself, cannot leave it. The existence of black holes was predicted over a hundred years ago in Einstein's theory of relativity. And all this time no one could experimentally prove whether they exist or not.

"The Nobel Prize in Physics this year was awarded for the fact that the scientists who received it proved that black holes are not fiction, but real objects, this is a great achievement... If earlier everyone was interested in accelerators and particles, now it's space. As it turned out, one can get more information about our world in a cheaper way - from space", – the press service of TPU quotes Ketov.

The Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020 is awarded to the Englishman Roger Penrose, the German Reinhard Genzel and the American Andrea Ghez. Penrose developed the theory of black holes, and Genzel and Ghez confirmed the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy based on the gravitational field, the scientist explains.

"There were many scientists who believed that they simply did not exist, that this is a fiction. But about three years ago, gravitational waves were discovered, which were also predicted more than a hundred years ago, they arose as a result of the merging of black holes... Then black holes ceased to be a fantasy... The prize was awarded for the fact that all these hypotheses were experimentally confirmed", – explains Ketov.

According to the TPU professor, space research will develop much faster than particle research at accelerators. "Yes, so far this is pure science, but after some time this new knowledge will definitely affect our life", – Ketov said.

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