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10:55 PM  October 9, 2020

Kerzhakov: FC Tom has potential

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TOMSK, Oct 9 – RIA Tomsk. The work as head coach of FC Tom, according to Alexandr Kerzhakov, is much more difficult, but also more interesting than the work as head coach of the national youth team of Russia - it motivates to develop and realize the potential that the Tomsk team already has, Kerzhakov told during a press conference after the match with FC Akron.

Earlier it was reported that FC Tom on Friday, within the framework of the 14th round of the Football National League ("Olimp-FNL" 2020/2021), defeated Tolyatti FC Akron with a score of 2:1. This is the second victory of the Tomsk team of the season after the technical "triumph" over Shinnik, whose players fell ill with COVID-19, and the first - under Alexandr Kerzhakov as head coach of the Tomsk team.

“This (the work as the head coach of FC Tom) is everyday work, it is practical work, in addition to selection work, which very often took a lot of time in the national team. It is more difficult, but much more interesting. Therefore, I try to give myself completely to the team, give myself to this work and I spend all the time I have on improving what is already there, and every day to improve what is in the team", - Kerzhakov said.

© с сайта администрации Томской области
According to him, work in FC Tom will provide an opportunity "to develop together with the team." "I see that there is potential here - there is a very football city here, good infrastructure, so that the team flourishes and occupies not the place it occupies now, but only the best places. With our union, everything should work out", - he said, without specifying a strategy that will allow Tomsk team to rise to the top of the league.

Kerzhakov also added that in the foreseeable future, the team's roster may be strengthened: “There will be new players... The decision is made by the coaching staff, the management is meeting us halfway - if we offer players who, in our opinion, will strengthen the squad... This has nothing to do with the fact that the sponsor is Gazprom Neft (Gazprom Neft - is sponsor of FC Zenit and FC Tom - Ed.).

Earlier it was reported that after the 7th round of the FNL 2020/2021 season, FC Tom terminated the contract with the head coach of the team Vasily Baskakov, his place until the end of the season was taken by the ex-shooter of Zenit and the Russian national team, senior coach of the national youth team of Russia Alexandr Kerzhakov.

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