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Artificial intelligence learns to teach higher mathematics in Tomsk

© предоставлено компанией ENBISYSArtificial intelligence learns to teach higher mathematics in Tomsk

TOMSK, Oct 15 – RIA TomskTomsk State University (TSU) and the ENBISYS company are modernizing the Plario adaptive platform, a "digital tutor" in basic mathematics, so that by 2021 the program will be able to teach 1-2 year students and higher mathematics, the university's press service said on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that TSU and the ENBISYS company have created a platform that "pulls up" users in six modules of elementary mathematics. In the course of the lessons, the system calculates exactly where the user has gaps in the knowledge of the subject, and offers the relevant material in real time. The target audience of the project is students of grades 9-11, applicants and first-year students. From September 1, about 1 thousand first-year students of TSU were planning to start studying with a "digital tutor".

"TSU and ENBISYS are modernizing the platform for adaptive teaching in mathematics Plario.ru. Now it is "pulling up" students in six modules of elementary mathematics, which is studied at school. By 2021, the program will learn to teach higher mathematics to students of 1-2 courses. Case on the development of adaptive platforms will be presented at the online intensive "Archipelago 20.35", - is said in the message.

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It is added that the platform upgrade will be completed by the end of the year. It is assumed that it will contain the following sections: linear algebra, analytic geometry, limits of functions, indefinite and definite integrals, derivatives and others. In addition, the university is working on a programming section. Such projects, in particular, can contribute to the adaptation of foreign students.

"If we are talking about the export of education <...>, then nothing will work without a technological core that will bring them to a single base. It is impossible for each country to make individual preparatory tracks. We need technologies that allow it to be done quickly, efficiently and cheaply", - TSU Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation Oleg Zmeev is quoted in the message.

Earlier it was reported that "Archipelago 20.35" - is an educational intensive aimed at increasing the number of teams and startups in Russia implementing projects using AI technologies. The main organizer of the project is "University 20.35", and sites for its implementation will be organized in six cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Innopolis, Novosibirsk and Tomsk. The operator of the event in Tomsk is TSU.

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