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TSU experts will teach students to work with the "brain" of drones

© сайт Томского государственного университетаTSU experts will teach students to work with the brain of drones

TOMSK, Nov 11 – RIA Tomsk. Five laboratories were deployed at Tomsk State University (TSU) as part of one of the tracks of the educational intensive "Archipelago 20.35"; project participants will master the tools for working with unmanned aerial and self-driving vehicles, reported on the university website on Wednesday.

Earlier it was reported that "Archipelago 20.35" is an educational intensive aimed at increasing the number of teams and startups in Russia implementing projects using new technologies. The main organizer of the project is "University 20.35", sites for its implementation are organized in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Innopolis, Novosibirsk and Tomsk. The operator of the event in Tomsk is TSU; more than 200 of its students and employees take part in the online intensive, which began on the basis of the university on November 7.

"On the basis of TSU, three large-scale tracks of the educational intensive "Archipelago 20.35" are held. On one of the tracks about a hundred participants master the tools and approaches necessary to create the "brain" of self-driving vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Five laboratories are deployed within the framework of this track", – says the message.

According to Stanislav Shidlovsky, Dean of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of TSU, the work of the laboratories is built so that specialists can master the pool of artificial intelligence technologies necessary for the development of promising startups. Moreover, within the framework of the track there is an opportunity to try to realize your ideas or projects already started.

"They served as an "entry ticket" for the participants of the track. In the process of working on new projects, participants can get advice from experts – representatives of companies that have already created and brought to the market a number of products that operate on the basis of AI", – the press service of the university said.

Upgrade drones

It is added that one of the laboratories is training participants in the creation and use of computer systems.

"The peculiarity of the UAVs is low carrying capacity, therefore, you cannot put a large computer on them. To carry out calculations on board and do it in real time, complex algorithms are required, including neural networks. This is one of the main tasks that the participants of the intensive are working on", – Shidlovsky is quoted in the message.

On the basis of the second laboratory, experts help participants master the technologies and tools necessary to build various services and then link them to drones.

"This experience allows us to significantly expand the range of tasks that UAVs can solve, in particular, use them as couriers for the delivery of goods or in security and video surveillance systems, monitoring and others", - the message said.

Another direction of the track is vision systems for self-driving vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. They help drones recognize a situation: distinguish between people and signs, identify obstacles, look for ways to bypass them, and map their own route.

The work of the fourth laboratory is devoted to control systems for drones using artificial intelligence, in the fifth participants learn to use artificial intelligence for pattern recognition. All track events are held online.

Earlier it was also reported that within the framework of the tracks organized by TSU, scientists and entrepreneurs will also talk about how to predict academic progress and student dropout using artificial intelligence, how to create an electronic tutor, how to use AI technologies to form scientific teams. The track experts are representatives of the university and more than 30 companies.

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