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TSU and Interfax will implement IT systems in the educational process

© пресс-служба Томского госуниверситетаTSU and Interfax will implement IT systems in the educational process

TOMSK, Dec 4 – RIA Tomsk. TSU and Interfax signed an agreement on the implementation of the agency's IT systems in the educational process and research activities; within the framework of the agreement, Interfax plans to start creating new algorithms for processing big data based on the TSU computing cluster, follows from the online broadcast on the university's website.

The agreement was signed during the V International Forum of University Cities "University City: Digital vs Real Communities and Spaces", which takes place on December 2-4 at the TSU online platform. The document was signed by the Rector of the university Eduard Galazhinsky and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Interfax group Mikhail Komissar.

"We are interested in using the most modern IT tools and technologies in the educational process. This is what helps to bring our educational programs to the world level and ensure the competitiveness of graduates. It is important for us not to reduce the quality of education, but to raise it. I am sure that the use of digital systems of Interfax will help us with this", - Galazhinsky said during the signing.

As, in turn, Komissar said, Tomsk State University in the last academic year already gained access to the software products of Interfax - students and teachers of the Institute of Economics and Management of the university worked with the SPARK-Interfax information and analytical system, designed to check counterparties, provide economic security of business and credit risk management. This year SPARK became available to students of the Faculty of Journalism.

Interfax is also very interested in intensifying cooperation with one of the country's leading universities. We have already found common points of interest. In the near future, I hope, we will begin to implement common promising projects... The introduction of new algorithms, big data analysis is our strategic goal in the development of partnerships with universities. We intend to involve specialists, scientists of TSU in joint work", - Komissar said.

This academic year, thanks to an agreement with Interfax, TSU plans to integrate the SCAN-Interfax and Marker-Interfax systems into the educational process. Interfax will have access to computing systems and developments of the TSU computing cluster, which operates on the basis of the SKIF Cyberia supercomputer. The parties also plan to discuss the possibility of implementing projects in the field of analysis and synthesis of written speech on the basis of the TSU Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics.

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During the signing of the agreement between TSU and Interfax

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